Suggestion for Inbox Labels

I love that I can set up my own labels in my inbox to help me ID threads with sitters who I’d like to invite again, have responded that they don’t do local sits, were unresponsive, etc. I like to reach out to sitters to see if interested and have a chat by phone before inviting them. It would be so helpful if my labels for a sitter from my inbox showed up on the search page. I end up spending a lot of time reading a profile and checking dates and reviews just to start to send a message and find out I’ve noted them as not someone to contact again for whatever reason. Would anyone else find this helpful?

Enjoy them while you still have them @SusanR They are been scrapped with the new inbox

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Oh no!! THS community unite! These labels can be very helpful. I hope others will comment here to show that this is a great feature we want to keep. Does anyone have any other suggestion for how to organize the sitters that show up on a search?

I see the advantage of keeping the contact info and details of sitters you’d like to invite again, however I’m also wondering if you ONLY search for sitters (thus using a ton of time and I’m guessing quite often getting negative answers), or if you also create a listing and wait for sitters to apply.

Thanks @Peonie19 . I do both. I live out in the country so I don’t always get a lot of people looking to sit out here. Initiating contact with local sitters in the suburbs around me has helped me cover sits in the past, especially for sitters fairly new to THS who need some reviews for their THS “resumes.”

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Hi @SusanR
I was part of the Beta test and I immediately gave feedback that the labels had disappeared and I wanted them back.
The response was that they are being removed.

As I hated the new inbox I asked to revert to the present system .Over the years I have put labels on every item in my Inbox and I am dreading the day the switch happens and they disappear permanently

Thanks for your perspective @Itchyfeet . I love my labels, too, and still thing they should be expanded rather than removed. I don’t understand the reasoning behind removing them. People don’t have to use them if they don’t want to and once the programming code is there to provide them, why do the work to remove that functionality from the site’s code. Maybe someone from THS can shed some light. I am hoping that others who like them will speak up.