Marking and Filtering sits

I would love it if there was a private way to mark/check off sits I’ve already looked and have discounted for one reason or another. And of course, I would want to be able to use them in filtering sits in searches - ie “all sits in a certain area, that I have not already marked as ______ or ______.”

In a perfect world, I’d be able to mark them with my choice of a few descriptors so I can remember why I’ve discounted that particular sit.

I know we have the tagging system but that isn’t very convenient and it isn’integratedinto the search system.


Yes, this would be so helpful! Many times I have opened a listing only to realise that it was one that I had previously looked at and discounted. We sit as a family, so it may have not had enough beds or stated in the listing text that the pet was scared of children. It would be so helpful to be able to exclude these from searches.


This is my number one, most wanted improvement for the site.


If a homeowner contacts you directly, or if you applied for a sit in the past, the conversations will be in your THS INBOX.
Open your INBOX, look on the right side for FILTER BY LABEL
Click on the arrow down to display the options:

You can also create a new label of your choice, edit or remove it, and sort the listing by label.

This may not help you, if it is a listing you have never applied for and had no previous correspondence with the homeowner.
You can also click on the “heart” option next to a new listing, and every time this sit has new dates, you will be notified.,


Yes, I have done that in the past with people I’ve contact with but unfortunately that doesn’t solve the problem I have.

Every day right now, I’m doing a search for the same parameters (date/location) and about 30+ sits pop up. Some are marked as NEW so it’s possible I haven’t seen them yet. But most are just the same ones I’ve already seen - some I’ve looked closely at, and others I have not.

When I do look at a good possibility only to find it’s missing a specific characteristic I need/want, I would like to mark those sits with some specific labels, similar to the ones we can use in our inbox, and then be able to exclude them from future searches.


I was about to make the same suggestion! In my opinion it only needs one button “not suitable” and maybe the ability to enter a note. It would help so much because I would not have to go through sits I already saw and don’t want to apply for. It would be a game changer!


Oh man, it would be so amazing to be able to exclude some sit profiles from searches!

There are some sits that are just not suitable for me, and it would save me time if I did not have to see them pop up again. Some sort of “do not show this to me again” tag would be so handy!


Like to add our support for this feature.
One of many things THS web developers could do to make this site more user friendly.
Fingers crossed


Hello, I was just looking for a labeling system in the app … and found one. However, it appears one can only label conversations. Is there a way to also label postings? Such a feature would be most helpful in filtering sits one is not interested in.


Apologies if this has been brought up before but it would be very useful if, when searching for housesits for particular dates (or any other search field) we could delete the ones that are of no interest so that they don’t crop up again when doing a search. Could that be possible?


It would be great if we could have a comment on this very useful feature from THS staff who could introduce it…
@Ben-ProductManager any thoughts?

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