Delicious English/Scottish/Welsh Gardens!

Hi @ElsieDownie it is lovely although at the beginning of 2020 if someone had said you will buy a home in Cove Scotland I would have thought they were totally bonkers … how things change. We had our first really heavy frost this morning …

Do please elaborate, if there’s a seafood restaurant north of us we’ve yet to find it, any recommendations would be really appreciated.

The famous one is at Clachan, Loch Fyne. Delicious seafood but renowned for its oysters. We went to another one in Lachlan Bay, Inver. Good food spoilt by a pretentious bridal party that moaned and criticised throughout their meal. I thought it was supposed to be a happy occasion, a wedding.
When I look at where you are it would be quite a windy journey.

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What a wonderful thread this is :heart:

I’ve scrolled through these photos several times already and still not bored. Keep the beautiful pictures coming.


Somewhere over yonder


I think this is in Beckenham :woman_shrugging:t2: