Hello from East Lothian, Scotland

Lisa from Scotland here. We have lived in our house in the lovely village of East Linton for over 20 years. After losing our old friend last year we now have a sweet, new pupster and I hate the thought of putting her in kennels. Thought I would try this way to see if any lovely individuals would like to come and stay and look after Blu, whilst enjoying the countryside and beaches around our home.


Hi Lisa
Well, if I was available I’d jump at the chance but not available now until Spring 2024 if my plans work!
I was introduced to East Lothian last August and spent a fabulous 3 weeks in Longniddry with a cat. I took my bicycle and had great fun exploring and getting to know the area. I’d hardly been to Scotland before and there’s so much to do and see in East Lothian, that’s for sure. It also helped that I have friends in Edinburgh and in St Abbs and that the weather was purrfect! I’ll be looking you up in 2024!
Good luck!


Welcome to an amazing community of pet loving folks. We finished a sit in Edinburgh last week, and loved every minute of our time in Scotland. It’s a beautiful country and we found the people so very warm and friendly. After 3 weeks, we didn’t want to leave. Best of luck with your THS experiences!


I love Scotland!

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It really is a lovely area! St Abbs is gorgeous - I have walked most of the coast line around there down to Berwick upon Tweed. Its stunning!

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A very warm welcome @LisaJ to the forum and TrustedHousesitters. So sorry to hear of your loss last year, but OMG who will be able to resist Blue. The beach looks lovely but so does this little pup! We can’t bear the thought of her going to kennels either so I hope someone is available to help you.

A family friendly sit at the end of summer in Scotland should be very appealing!

Hope you don’t mind me sharing this picture…


Does Blue love the sea?


Thank you! That is Henrietta, her best pink friend! She has done a little bit of sea swimming, not too sure at the moment but I think she enjoys it.


Hi @LisaJ and welcome! We did a wonderful sit near Gifford, East Lothian at Easter and also fell in love with the area. Blue is adorable! We’ll certainly be looking out for sits in the area another time, but sadly probably not this summer as we have a number of other things we need to fit in closer to home


It really is. I enjoyed cycling to Berwick on Tweed and Dunbar. Took bus and train to Edinburgh and did some lovely walks.


Gifford is a lovely little village. There is an amazing ruined castle in the woods. Yester Castle (Goblin Ha’) | Gifford | The Castles of Scotland, Coventry | Goblinshead


I spent part of my childhood and schooling in Scotland (Nairn) and we’re looking for a long term sit or combination that would give me an opportunity to refresh old memories and introduce my wife to the wonders of the country. I’d love to include East Linton in the mix should the opportunities present themselves.

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Hello Lisa, your place in East Lothian, Scotland sounds wonderful. As soon as I retire from United Airlines as a Customer Service Agent, I will be free to travel with my husband. We would love to come and take care of your place in the future. Blessings, DebraJoy (and Richard)

Thanks for messaging. Do keep in touch when you are in a position to travel. We take a few holidays a year so doggy care will defiantly be required!

Hi Lisa. We’re Rob and Wendy from Warwickshire with our 2 cocker spaniels Oscar and Josh. I’m originally from Glasow then Edinburgh. Have happy memories of East Linton and stayed many times in Gullane and surrounding area. We love to come back and would be happy to sit for you. Josh and Oscar come too so Blu will have lots of company throughout your absence. Please DM us if we can help. Regards, Wendy

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Sorry to hear about your loss Lisa. I’m so glad your lives are filled with lots of puppy shenanigans now! I haven’t been to the UK yet but it’s on my bucket list! I’m Australian and have been sitting here for over 4 years. The UK is beconing me! Scotland looks incredible - that photo is stunning - postcard worthy! I’m new to the community too!! Kessie


Thanks Kessie,
Hope you get to visit the UK (especially Scotland) soon!

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Hi Wendy,
Thanks for email. Will definitely bear you in mind for our next trip! East Lothian is such a nice area, although I am probably biased!

I’m booked in so far for December and Scotland is definately on my list of places to visit! It just looks so divine. And I love the show Outlander (you probably get told that a lot ha ha)