Dine With Your Dog: Trusted Treats & Recipes

Ever on the hunt to find out what makes our pet parent members ‘tick’, we recently sent out a survey all about how you love to treat your furry friends. The results are in and… Wow!

Let’s serve up our survey highlights

Our survey found that 85% of pet parents feel guilty about going out and leaving their pets behind for the evening (it’s important to note here that 100% of the dogs we surveyed said humans should feel guilty for not inviting them out).

We also dug up some delicious data on how you like to treat your furry family. 29% of US pet parents said they enjoy indulging their fur family in human food as a treat a few times per week, with a similar number of pet parents in the UK reporting the same.

Armed with this new knowledge, naturally, we put our heads together to create our very own recipe book - one that can be enjoyed by humans and dogs alike. Yes, really! And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching (and a whopping 58% of pet parents admitting they would prefer to share a couch with their pets over their partners), it’s pawfect timing.

With 7 simply sumptuous dog treat recipes for your pooch to enjoy that are both human and dog-safe, we guarantee these will leave your pup drooling for more!

Dine With Your Dog: Trusted Treats and Recipes

These recipes have been taste-tested by our own Trusted Team and their pooches. What’s more, we’ve asked a vet to review these recipes to make sure they don’t contain anything harmful to dogs, but check with your vet if you’re unsure whether it’s suitable for your canine companion.

Download our recipe book and get cookin’ - or, simply scroll down below for individual links to our vet-approved, homemade dog treat recipes. Bone-appetite!

Peanut butter & banana pupcakes

Is your pup a peanut butter pooch? Whose isn’t?! If you’re looking to have a pupcake party with your pup, this scrumptious peanut butter banana dog treat recipe is the recipe for you.

Barking beef, broccoli & rice stir fry

Looking for a simple but scrumptious dinner for your doggo? This healthy and hardy meal is great for packing in some extra vitamins and minerals. That’s right, a beef dog treats recipe with veg - ideal for a doggo dining date for you and your pooch.

Sweet pawtato fries

Sweet potato dog treat recipes are always a tail-wagging winner! What’s more, you can share this savory snack with your pup pal (or just politely ask them to share it with you). It’s simple and it’s super easy to store leftovers, giving it our bark of approval!

Slobber-worthy salmon fish cakes

Sophisticated slobber monsters will simply savour these salmon fish cakes. This is one of our best healthy dog treat recipes bursting with flavor and nutrients. They freeze and refrigerate well, meaning there will be plenty of leftovers for your pooch (and you) to enjoy!

Chimken burgers

This chicken dog treat recipe can be served up as a healthy pup portion, or as individual snacks. Whether your peckish pup needs a warming winter dinner or a BBQ snack on a hot summer’s day, these canine chicken burgers are paw-fect for any time of the year.

Fur family pumpkin bread

Share the love with a savoury shareable snack. This pumpkin oatmeal dog treat recipe can be served as a stand-alone meal or added as an extra in their food bowls. Totally dog safe and totally easy to make, this will have them toe-tapping for more.

Apple oatmeal pawfait

Oatmeal is a great way to start your pup’s day! What’s more, this is an excellent recipe for dog treats with oatmeal and applesauce - a pawsome combination with no added flavours, artificial sweeteners, or sugars.

Vet-check before you start cooking!

Always consult with your veterinarian before altering your pet’s diet. Each pet is unique, with factors like age, breed, and health influencing nutritional requirements, so check with your vet if you are unsure whether a particular recipe is suitable for your pet. Be mindful of potential allergies, and seek veterinary advice for adverse reactions. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for assessing overall health and discussing dietary needs. This information is general and not a substitute for professional veterinary guidance. This recipe is intended as a treat and should only be fed occasionally, in moderation. It does not constitute a nutritionally complete diet, and therefore, is not suitable for regular feeding.

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Just boosting this post to our lovely Members to remind them about Dine With Your Dog, a groundbreaking cookbook designed for both canines and their human partners! :paw_prints:

Today marks Pancake Day :pancakes:, and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day :heart:, making it the ideal moment to shower your furry friend with extra love. Why not whip up something scrumptious that both you and your pooch can savour together? For those caring for an adorable doggy companion, consider sharing these delightful recipes with their pet parents to add an extra special touch to their homecoming.

For our community members who aren’t currently pet-sitting or don’t have a furry friend to spoil this week, why not pass along these recipes to friends and family? It’s a great way to inspire the inclusion of dogs in ‘Dine In For Two’ dinners happening this week! :blush:

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