Sharing the love with your pup on Valentines day!

Hey everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! :blush::heart:

Exciting news! The Trusted Team just dropped a heartwarming update about Dine With Your Dog: Trusted Treats and Recipes. Check out the details here and feel free to download the recipe book to pamper your furry friend with some delicious homemade treats!

We’re absolutely thrilled to share this adorable video featuring Zuko assisting his human in making some delightful cupcakes!

You can whip up your very own peanut butter and banana cupcakes too!

Peanut butter and banana cupcakes

Try out this recipe for your beloved furry companion!

We’d LOVE to hear about your baking adventures with these recipes! Share your experiences and even some snapshots of your culinary creations in the comments below! Don’t hesitate to share any pet-friendly recipes of your own too!