Do I initiate a phone call with confirmed house sitter

My name is Charity Haworth and I live in Oregon. This is my first time using Trusted Housesitters and I’m just wondering how protocol is handled when seeking to speak directly to confirmed sitter. Do I initiate a call and leave my phone number and/or do I ask them to give me their phone number? It probably doesn’t matter but I’m a bit nervous having a complete stranger come into my home despite how nice she seems with such nice credentials backing her up.


We are sitters and are always open to chatting with pet owners. Simply ask the sitter for a number, and set up a mutually convenient time to chat. Whether you choose a phone call or FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp, a call can be initiated by you as part of the interview process, or at any time before the sit. Best of luck!


It is really common to have a video chat (WhatsApp/zoom etc) with your sitter before confirming the sit. This is a great opportunity to get a ‘feel’ for each other, ask any questions you may have and to introduce the sitter to your home and pet - did you do this?
If you have not done this already then I think it would be a really good thing to initiate now.


We almost always do a video chat (usually even before confirming) and suggest that possibility in our application. But it’s also fine if you ask them for a video chat / phone call.
If we’re close enough, we also offer to visit them in person, but in any case we would usually meet the home owner before they leave.


Hi @Charityhaworth a big welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to our community forum here.

As the very helpful @Joanne @Timmy and @Colin have said, it is super common to have either a telephone call or video chat with a sitter before a sit or even before confirming if that is what makes you more comfortable. It is completely understandable to feel nervous, especially as it’s your first time finding a sitter. Communication is your best tool in the world of housesitting to build trust (and often friendship) between yourself and your sitter and get a feel for whether you are the right match for each other.

As helpfully suggested above, simply just raise the idea with the sitter about scheduling in a call and you can find a time that works best for you both. I am sure they will be happy to speak with you and get to know more about you, your home and your wonderful pets.

All the best
Lucy and the Forum Team

I have welcomed homeowners communicating with me. Some have just messaged me via Whatsapp or some have made phone calls to me and texted me. I have even met homeowners before I do a sit. I am open to whatever the Homeowner wants and I aim for flexibililty. I am a busy mum so I appreciate flexibility with home owners. I am doing a house sit at the end of the year and the owner chatted to me over the phone and wants me to meet the dogs before hand which i am okay with.

I think having an initial call and then a call just before the sit would be best practice.