Does anyone confirm sitters without a call/video call?

I’ve had quite a few sitters look after my pets now, and each time I’ve done a video call with my preferred applicant before confirming. My mind is pretty much made up when I choose which applicant to arrange a call with, as pretty much everything I need to know is usually on the sitters profile anyway.

I have autism and a phone phobia so I always dread these calls and find them excruciating. It’s also like there isn’t really much purpose to them other than getting a first impression of what someone is like by speaking to them via a call before letting them look after my home/pets. The impression I get of the sitter always match with the profile anyway.

I also think they mistake my anxiety/being terrible at phonecalls for having doubts about them as some have seemed seemed surprised (pleasantly at least) when I message to say I’d like to confirm.

I’ve seen some sitters on the forum say that they feel these calls are a bit pointless as everything relevant is in their profile anyway.

I just want to know what other people’s thoughts are, does anyone else ever accept sitters without a call? Am I putting myself through these dreaded calls when I don’t need to be?

It varies with the host(s) and the sitter(s). I’ve had sits when I never did a video call with the hosts, for instance, because they didn’t care to do them or timing didn’t work out because we were in different time zones and they were traveling. My best sit to date was one such example. But some experienced sitters also will tell you that they’ve learned to insist on video calls.

Basically, I suggest you try without the calls and see whether you get the results you need. That can involve risks on your part, potentially narrowing your pool of sitters.

BTW, not doing a video call doesn’t mean there can’t be good communications via phone and/or messaging, from my experience. But I might be biased in that direction, because I’ve telecommuted for years and managed teams as large as about 100 people remotely (and I didn’t have time to be video meeting with everyone all the time, yet we got stuff done well, built rapport and trust).

I had no video call for my upcoming three-week Christmas sit. They accepted my application the same day, and I confirmed.

It has happened before that there was no chat, but then it was because people were just too busy and/or time too short to arrange one.

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I always do video calls, but I sit as well and did get one acceptance without a video call. The pet parent felt I met some obvious qualifications based on info on my profile and application: multiple cat household, cats with medical needs/medication. There was enough there I guess to show trustworthiness, and some positive reviews. I was fine with it, but did request a video call soon after to make sure we were on the same page.

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Although there are some sitters that wouldn’t ever confirm a sit without a phone call, we’ve had several owners confirm us without any calls. I imagine our reviews, profile and the confidence they have in our ability to care for their pet, are the main reasons they don’t feel a call is necessary. We also are very careful on who we apply to for each sit. There is a level of confidence on both sides, that can lead to a wonderful successful sit. While it’s not the norm for us, we are ok without whatever makes both parties comfortable before confirming a sit.


I’m a sitter and not a fan of video calls either. Both of the sits I’ve been accepted for, the owner confirmed without a video call but for the second one we’re going to have a call in a couple of days. I’m not particularly looking forward to it but I don’t really mind if reassures the other person. If people seem surprised that you’re confirming, it could be that your anxiety is masking your enthusiasm during the call. I’m always very conscious of this and try very hard to smile and seem happy! But if you already know during the call that you’ll confirm, why not just tell them at the time?

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Hi @Koba you might also find the attached thread helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

As a sitter, I personally love homeowners that can confirm a sit without the dreaded video chat which I hate. I did about 35 house sits before I finally had to succumb to a video chat. I still like an old fashioned phone call but that really isn’t necessary to me. I’ve sat for homeowners I’ve met upon arrival and others I’ve never met. I really think I get a good sense of homeowners from their profiles, pictures and their interaction with me via email.


I have done five sits and have two more scheduled. I just started this year. I have not had a video call with anyone. I only had a phone call with two of them. I have emailed back-and-forth several times to get more information because it’s easier but I’m someone who goes with their gut, so far all of my sits have been fantastic


Thanks for your input everyone. All of my sitters have been great so far, so I’m pretty confident basing my decision on the profile, reviews and messages.

My first sitters suggested video calls after I said they were a great match etc, so I ended up just rolling with it and thinking it was essential. And because it seemed like it was the done thing on here, part of me was convinced it would be irresponsible not to do a call. Also, my anxiety about having someone I don’t know looking after my cats and home was stronger than my anxiety about calling.

I get much more out of someone’s profile and messages than I ever get out of the video call, and it seems like I’m not the only person who dreads that part.

Some people don’t reply after mentioning the call, I guess they really hate doing them too.


Some people might not like video calls, but it’s more likely that some people find other options they consider better and/or they’re just impolite and don’t reply even to say they’re no longer interested. Whatever the reason, it takes only a minute or two to message that you’re no longer interested. (And that goes for sitters and hosts.) Just leaving someone hanging is rude.


Everyone is different but we wouldn’t take a sit without a video call. Looking into the whites of someone’s eyes :eyes: is key for us for connection and comms :+1:t3:


I think that many owners feel that they must carry out a video call as THS recommend it.
I hate them. If an owner has asked for one then I ask for an ordinary call and they are happy with that.

Many owners are happy to confirm without a call. As long as your listing is full and factual and that you both exchange information via the site, go ahead without a call.
Good luck


This morning, I just got date confirmation from a host pair I’ve never chatted with on video or phone. We just msg’d via THS’s platform and they said I ticked all their boxes. It’s a sit in a terrific neighborhood in a popular city I know well. I have other contact info from them, if needed, meanwhile.

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We rarely do video calls for sits these days and often do not even speak to the owner. I give them my whatsapp and generally liaise via that. Depending on timings I may not even meet them on Day 1, they leave the key somewhere and upload the Welcome Guide or instructions in the house.

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As a sitter who has booked numerous sits without ever talking to the HO first–video or phone–I wouldn’t have a problem with this. I am very selective about the sits to which I apply and rely strongly on intuition so if I have submitted an application I am seriously interested. Provided everything seemed pretty straightforward about the home and animals, or I just had some basic questions that could be easily answered via the messaging platform, I don’t find connecting beforehand necessary.

Though I am happy to do calls with HOs if they like. In my experience, accepting a sit without connecting first has only really happened when I am sitting in the US–where I am from–and am already in the country or planning on returning. I can’t recall many instances of this happening for an international sit, and in these cases, I would prefer to connect first anyway for the most part.

Right now, I am sitting for someone I never connected with, or even met, for the third time.


I think I would be more likely to accept an invitation to do a return sit from owners that I had become acquainted with, that had been personable and hospitable.

When I first started with TH I never even had a phone call or a video call before being confirmed. It has only been in the last year or two that I have occasionally had a phone call, rarely ever a video call. May only have started since seeing it mentioned on the forums or owners being made aware a good idea to phone etc.? Perhaps more common in America than the UK?

We’re sitters, in 2023 we have had quite a few number that accepted us after a few messages back and forth, one that accepted us straight away with no messaging whatsoever, and the rest have video’d or telephoned.

From what you have said you’ve instinctively known when you have found the right person. It’s a feeling, it’s a vibe, you just know-know, you’ve gone with your gut and when you’ve video’d your instinct has proven you right.

So I would say, do what you are most comfortable in doing, because your gut has always been right before.

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@Koba To answer the question posed in your headline: no, we would never confirm a sitter without a conversation first. We have found such personal contact to be very important in deciding on a sitter.