Do I need to show my availability?

Hello everyone
Very new member here.
Regarding the availability calendar - I don’t want to enter any dates as I am looking for sits and then either getting time off work or taking my work with me.
Will I be limiting myself by not filling this calendar in?
Can I show that I am open to any date?
Many thanks

Hi @MarieHuggins

A welcome to the forum.

I do not believe you will limit yourself if you do not fill in your available dates, as you are applying for the sits that suit you at the time.

Here is another thread in regard to the availability calendar that could be useful.
You can use the spyglass on the top right hand side to search with some keywords.

You can also add your profile to your forum profile if you need any advice and questions as we have very helpful and knowledgeable forum members, who are always willing to help.