Newbie query about calendar and availability

Hi all, brand new sitter here so apologies if this query has been raised before. Do I need to complete my calendar/availability and should I be ‘hearting’ the listings that I like even if I can’t do the dates requested but would like to take a sitting there in the future? I’m not sure how prospective listers search for sitters I guess is what I’m asking. I’ve made 2 applications so far and both have been successful which I am SO pleased about - I’m loving this new opportunity to get out and about around the UK - I just want to make sure I’m using the site properly! Many thanks x

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Congratulations! That is a bit amazing, actually.

No need to manage the calendar. THS will strike the dates that are confirmed sits automatically, but it does not have any consequences (except that an exceptionally nice HO might invite you to arrive a few days early to fill gaps).

Yes, heart the listings that you would like to get early notifications for on your mobile device.

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A lot of people don’t update their calendar as it’s quite cumbersome. As @pietkuip says, your confirmed sits are automatically struck out but you’re likely to have other times when you can’t sit.
If you put ‘calendar’ in the search field you’ll find lots of posts to assist you. Here’s one of them:

As for favouriting sits you’d like to be considered for in the future, you should be alerted when new dates become available (I think) but you may find some owners will contact you to invite you to sit for dates you may not be able to do.

Thank you - I’ll have a search.

That’s great - thank you!