Calendar Dates

Hello, is there a calendar whereby we can put dates that we’re available for sitting please?

Hi @Gazeebo. There is a calendar function sitters can use to show their availability, but it’s a bit buried, and most sitters don’t use it, or don’t use it consistently. And most pet owners don’t seem to look at it either when sending out invitations.

Here’s another thread on this topic you might want to look at for more on this topic:

And here, from another discussion, are the directions for adding your available dates using an iPhone:

Good lord- this is not intuitive, but here you go:
1- go to your profile icon in app, scroll down and click the “View” under availability
2- calendar screen will appear- click edit in top right
3- scroll down to section for “my sitter profile” and open that
4- click the “manage availability” green text
5- add dates you ARE available- note that the calendar will auto-mark you unavailable for any agreed sit dates you take within that timeframe.

The steps should be close to those for Androids, if not exactly the same.

Here’s the other conversation:


Well, I’ve tried that on the app and can’t see anything about “availability” or “my sitter profile” so cannot update my available dates.

On the site, the calendar is far too cumbersome, having to stop start dates. Why can’t we just strike out dates that we aren’t available due to holidays, appointments, family committments etc. If the calendar was more user friendly more of us would use it correctly and there would be fewer frustrated HO’s & sitters.

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