How to update my available on mobile ?

Hello, I’ve had lots of reach outs for dates I can’t do and I’m always polite and usually respond.

Recently, a homeowner got mad at me for not updating my calendar.

My calendar? I didn’t know this existed I said.

Is there any way to update my calendar THROUGH THE MOBILE APP ON IOS, which is how I engage with the platform?

Feeling easily-able to update my calendar would be a boon! That greatly increases the likelihood my calendar will be current.

Thank you!

I know there’s a lot of threads about problems with the calendar. But I can say from first-hand experience the last few weeks I’ve been invited to multiple sits that my calendar clearly shows I’m already on another THS sits during those dates. So I think both sitters and homeowners don’t understand how to use the calendar. I do not know the answer to your question as I had the same issue and had to set my availability up off of the website.

Good lord- this is not intuitive, but here you go:
1- go to your profile icon in app, scroll down and click the “View” under availability
2- calendar screen will appear- click edit in top right
3- scroll down to section for “my sitter profile” and open that
4- click the “manage availability” green text
5- add dates you ARE available- note that the calendar will auto-mark you unavailable for any agreed sit dates you take within that timeframe.

But also- we get invites from people that don’t look at our calendar either- so I don’t know what search they are running to look for sitters.

Thank you for you help @Ksquared

@Meowvelous you can find help for most this by searching the website Help Centre and using key words in the search function, here are the availability update functions

I hope this helps.