Search by availability date?

Hi all
My wife and I have just joined today in order to find sitters for our home & dogs (1st listing is now live)

There seem to be lots of potential candidates however it would be REALLY helpful to search using an availability date.

Is this possible as Im struggling to figure out where it is?
Many thanks

Hi Simon
I am both a sitter and a home owner/pet parent on this page and I’d day that the usual process is that a sitter responds to your ad rather than you look for one. Sitters do have an availability calendar but I for one never keep it up to date. I know what places I may be interested in and what dates I am free to take up a pet sit. Somebody else might provide you with information on how to do a search for availability. I wouldn’t know.
Good luck!


Hi Ian
Thanks for your feedback…much appreciated. I guess its “newbie nerves” hoping we even get replies!

Hi @SimonWatson - Welcome to the group. I see you have an application already so it is a good start!

The normal procedure, as @IanK says, is to sit back and wait for the applications to come to you. You can have a maximum of five applicants at a time, if you reach the 5 limit then your listing is paused and no one else can apply unless you decline any of those five and unpause your listing.

As each application comes in you can take a look at their profile and if there is nothing that makes you not want this particular sitter then it is a good idea to arrange a video call to ‘meet’ them in person and discuss each other’s requirements.

At this point you can either accept them if you want them to sit, you can decline them if you don’t want them to sit or you can wait until you receive other applications to give yourself a choice.

If you do decide to wait please keep the sitter that you have already had a video chat with informed and be aware that they will most probably be continuing to look for other sits whilst waiting for you to make your decision, so there is a chance that they may not still be available if you keep them waiting too long.

Inviting sitters randomly yourself can be done but the success rate of getting a sitter this way is much lower. Unfortunately, the THS calendar is notoriously difficult to keep updated so most sitters do not bother.

Good Luck


Hi Colin
Thanks for such detailedcfeedback. Much appreciated.