Do You Live in the UK and See Foxes in Your Garden?

But the question is about the UK @Maggie8K not the US

Right, but animals — including foxes — share similar traits, including often being nocturnal. And maybe the OP will want to visit the U.S. one of these days.

It’s quite common in the UK. I’ve got good friends who have been feeding foxes for years, and they return with their young. I’m against feeding them but they take no notice of me :joy:

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We often see foxes in our garden close to the town centre of Cheltenham UK, quite often in the daytime too. We also had a fox casually stroll past us on the street one evening as we stood talking. We often see them out and about on an evening when we are driving home.

A few months ago, I had my first-ever fox encounter during a London sit - an experience that I found so shocking and scary that I gratefully accepted good Samaritans’ offer to walk me (and the dogs I was walking) home.

This ended my evening dog walking through the relatively quiet and clean neighborhood in favor of the rubbish-filled but (supposedly) fox-free main street, which turned the puppies into vacuum hulks and me… oh well.

By the way, it is not only in the outskirts of London where the foxes roam free but also in front of Number 10.



Next door to our current sit in Scotland. There is a stream running through the back of the properties here and the foxes live by it. This one comes up every evening for its dinner!


Just curious, what was so scary about the fox? Would be very unlikely that they would pose harm to you or the dogs (assuming you weren’t walking a tiny dog)

We used to live in Somerset and regularly saw foxes and badgers in our garden. Our daughter lives in London and recently saw a fox living on a roof a a neighbouring garage. We just see deer and hares from our bedroom window now.

The fox decided to visit us tonight, sit dog is totally mesmerised but no barking and the fox is not bothered in the slightest. Not taking any chances on opening the door though :rofl: