Help needed with a beautiful house sit! Are you available?

Hi there fellow housesitters!

I was booked to do a beautiful sit in the New Forest in September but am now unable to due to very unfortunate circumstances.

This is the first time in 5 years of house sitting that I’ve had to pull out of a house sit.

Is anyone available at all to sit for this adorable cat and dog and stay in a stunning house and location? Fordingbridge, UK 9th - 20th September

Looking forward to hearing from you if you think you could help!

Huge thanks in advance, Natalie

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Hi @nataliegemini and welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining and I’m so sorry that you have had to cancel your sit I’m sure it wasn’t a decision you made lightly.

I’ve looked at the listing and it’s a beautiful home and wonderful location I have every confidence that the owner will find a replacement sitter and thank you for doing your best to help.

I have removed the listing link as we don’t allow links to either listing or profiles on the forum. The owner has a good lead in time to find another sitter and your help will be most appreciated I’m sure.

Once again we are so sorry for the situation you find yourself in.

Good luck we hope it’s nothing serious and that all will be well.

Angela & The Team

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Hi Angela,

My apologies, I didn’t realise about the links and I understand.

Would it be possible to keep this topic live for others to see, just in case anyone can help?

The owner is extremely anxious that she now doesn’t have enough time to find anyone else so it would be amazing to be able to find someone in the community who might be free.

Thanks so much,


Hi Natalie of course it can stay live, I did add the dates and location to the post, potentially interested sitters can search by location and date on the website.

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Thanks Angela. In the end, someone else was found. I think the owner panicked prematurely. Thanks for all of your kindness.

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