Hi from Brighton, UK

We’re Rich & Lucy and have just signed up to THS and the forum-it’s such a great idea and we were recommended by a friend who always uses THS.

If anyone fancies a lovely countryside experience with our animals, we’d love to hear from you and our listing is on our profile.

Our house would be ideal for those wanting to enjoy a change of scene. We’re home workers, so, if you need to work too, we have a great office set up you can make use of to do the day job, write your book etc.

We’re about 10 miles north of Brighton on the edge of the South Downs National Park. We have amazing experiences and destinations on our doorstep, but, if you want some quiet, you won’t be bored staying in.

The countryside and wildlife is amazing-foxes, deer, barn owls, kingfishers even a seal in the tidal river here. If you sit quietly with your G&T at dusk, you might even meet the family of badgers that lives under our decking!

We have a whippet x patterdale called Bel, who is really sweet and full of character (that isn’t a euphemism for naughty btw), two chilled cats, Darcy and Delilah, a pretty self sufficient leopard gecko called Dipstick and a lovely, cuddly African Pygmy Hedgehog called Lennie (although I tend to call him Leonard as he has gravitas).

Thanks for reading!

Rich & Lucy


Hi Rich and Lucy and welcome to the forum and THS!

You have created a great listing. If your dates were in the school holidays and we were available my family and I would definitely apply. You have a fantastic selection of pets, including some unusual ones. We especially love sits with lots of wildlife. We’ve only seen our own visiting badger on camera though, and we don’t know where he or she lives…

Hi Debbie, thanks so much for the feedback! And do hear us in mind for the future-now we’ve found THS, we definitely plan to make the most of it!

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We definitely will do! I have saved your listing to my favourites, so I should get notified when you add new dates.

Rich and Lucy
Welcome to TH - I’m currently on a pretty rural sit in Laughton, so the other side of Brighton. Sitting with a pair of mini Schnauzers (the black one makes me think of Groucho Marx whenever I look at him) and 8 chickens.
Some wildlife around this sit as well, mostly rabbits, but an occasional fox crosses the big yard - the chicken fence is electrified.
Been doing some exploring in the area - Saturday went to Lewes for the market and will be going to Eastbourne today.
Your sit looks great - I’m already sitting your dates, but will watch for the future.

Hi Tom, thanks so much for the message and the positive comments.

Laughton is lovely! We have a really good friend who lives there. The Roebuck is a nice pub I believe.

You should visit the Bluebell Railway if you fancy a steam engine trip, and Sheffield Park right nearby is lovely for dog walks in mature stately gardens.

Please do look us up if you ever fancy coming slightly west!!


Hello Rich and Lucy! Your listing is great. I found advice I received from others in the THS Community Forum very helpful. We cannot help with your sit this time around but I have added you to our favorites. We loved the Brighton area and hope to be back someday soon.
All the best, and good luck with your sit!

Thanks so much for your message Rosalie, and the encouraging comments.

Please do bear us in mind in future-we’d love to have you!


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That’s very kind! As I say, I have added your listing to our favorites. So if you have dates next year let us know. We would be happy to chat.
All the best, and safe travels!