Does the 1st photo grab your attention?

As an end note to this post, I thought I’d just let you all know that I have just accepted a sit which initially caught my eye with a bath as the first picture! I am a shower person and can’t remember the last time I used a bath. Happily there is a shower - and 2 beautiful dogs.

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Difficult question @Home; has to be either the house exterior or the pet but which is best :thinking:?
I have my favourite dog breeds of course so spotting one of those as the headline picture would be brilliant. Not sure it has ever happened though.
What I have never seen and if I was an HO I would do this, is a composite/collage of up to 4 of my best photos to lead with as the main photo.


Someone else, no longer on the forum, used to do awesome collage photos for people.

Were they unusual collages or the kind you can do on any typical app?

Also wondering whether, if people are using an app on a phone, your first photo might get lost, because collages don’t register well in a small dimension — folks might just scroll by yours?

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IIRC there were words too. Very well done in such a way as they were still good at showcasing the best features

To be honest, I really dislike collages in sitter profiles for that reason @Maggie8K. I mostly use my phone to use THS, and the pictures in collages are annoyingly small. It just looks too busy to me, too small to see any details etc. So yes, I just scroll by.


I’m a mug for a sloppy looking big dog so yes if that’s your first picture I read your listing even though I have no intention visiting on those dates.
If I’m bored with whatever book I’m reading and all my chores are done I can spend hours ooing and aaaing at dogs.

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I just happened to see a listing yesterday where yes indeed, the toilet lid was up :slight_smile:

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I recently clicked on a listing because the 1st photo was 2 pet owners with a big smile. I thought that these must be nice people.


@Globetrotter yep, yuk. I see it a fair bit! Instant pass for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just saw a 1st photo of a gravel driveway, surrounded by chain link fence, and you can’t even make out the house in the distance. Come on…

@MissChef … but it grabbed your attention! :grinning:

HOs could be a bit more aware on what this looks like on the app, when browsing in the map view: that first picture is displayed in a very tiny format.

And just about five words of the title are displayed. The dates are also there, and the symbols for the pets, so no need to waste those initial words on writing “Two adorable dogs in November”.

Many prospective sitters are deciding whether to swipe or to click based on just that.

it grabbed your attention

Only enough to show to my husband so he could make a comment…

Sometimes it’s the house owners that grabmy attention who seem lovely people.

I have our home images first…if you don’t like the place, you’re probably not going to want to take care of my dog and I want the HS to WANT to be there and be able to see themselves in our home enjoying the space.

My dog’s lovely mug is the cherry on top and the end of the image carousel! lol


yea…we put the lids down before we flush…house rule lmao

OK but I’m not shopping for real estate.
Pet photos for the win!

Not about shopping for a new home…simply that I’m not going to sit someplace I don’t think I’ll be comfortable in :woman_shrugging:t5:, but I look through everything on other people’s listings anyway so for me as an HS, it doesn’t really matter which is first.

As an HO, I assume you know the pet is priority, I also want you to be comfortable and enjoy your stay because if HS is taken care of with needs met, I assume they’re better able to then properly focus on my dog. :+1:t4: