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I’m a new HO to THS, and wondering what type of photo might be most helpful & appealing first photo to most sitters.

I rent this room out via Airbnb when I’m not traveling - and, for that, the first photo is always of the bedroom (though guests have kitchen/living room/garden access.)

For THS, I’m wondering if the bedroom would be the best primary photo, or living room, kitchen, garden, front of house… I’m proud of my little city rowhome, so think any of those photos could be appealing. I do have quite a few photos on my listing of all of the spaces.

Thank you!


@GardenCat welcome to the Forum! It sounds like as an Airbnb host, you’ve learned what appeals to folks staying in your home. As a sitter, many things appeal to me when I see that first photo. Scroll through the website, and put yourself in the shoes of a sitter searching for the next petsit. What appeals to you? Why did you choose your home, your pet, your town? It’s my understanding that as a homeowner, you can adjust your photos and change them up, if you are receiving less interest than you anticipated. I believe outdoor spaces are just as important as photos depicting indoor areas. Best of luck in your search for your first sitter!


Hi @GardenCat and welcome. Whatever photo you use, and even what written content you add, I would suggest you search your listing after - on the website and app (as they display differently) - to see how others will see it.

As for photos, landscape format works best. Avoid portrait layout as the system will crop the photo, generally from top and bottom areas. This can often result in, for example, a photo of the paved driveway to your home. Not its prime feature for most. As for a photo of your dog walking ahead of you; that rear-view image is not appealing. :wink:

In case you are not aware of it, I’ll also add a link to how to choose the perfect picture for your listing.


Thank you! Yes, I can re-arrange photos as often as I wish. Had my first sit last weekend, and it went great!

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Whereabouts in Philly do you live? I visit often to see family in Chestnut Hill. I’m a cat-lover, so sits with cats are great for me!

Hi! Chestnut Hill is lovely! I live in Pennsport, near Center City. I posted a link with my listing and location data in one of my previous comments, if you’re curious to check it out!

My apologies. I’m new and getting my very confused. I also do not understand technology very well.

I found it and saved it. I had to give my old cat a thyroid pill twice a day, so I know the drill!

Did you ever work with Dennis Lucey at Morris Arboretum?

When was Dennis there? I have not heard of him.

Thank you. I just deleted it.

Thanks for helping @GardenCat @Pawtastic … request completed :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure. I know he was there until fairly recently. I’ll see him next week in Philly and ask!

I was there about 10 years ago, so he must have been after that!

For us definitely the cutest photo of your pet should be the first photo, we want to see instantly who we are looking after! So often on listings it is hard to find the pet photos!


I’m a fairly new member, pretty much all homeowners put a photo of their house as their profile pic, the one that shows up in searches. Personally, I would rather that there was a picture of the pets as the profile picture. I apply for sits where I think I will have a good relationship with the pets, and I can always look at the photos of the house later. For me, the pets are the primary reason I apply for a sit, not how beautiful the home is. It takes a lot of time to click on a lot of profiles to scroll down to see the pets. I realized this could just be me, I wonder if other sitters would also like this.

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Hello. Homeowner and sitter here. :wave:
There isn’t really a right and wrong answer, but for me, my order of preference is house first!

Personally, I don’t need to see the pets upfront because I will love and care for any and all little critters as if they were my own - their looks/breed etc are never my focus.
I do however need to see the house! I want to know that it’s going to work for us for the duration of our time there, that the bed is big enough to fit my very tall husband and that above all else, the place looks clean.


@Pips That’s our preference too. Pets are always cute and will be cared for. Homes are not always suitable.


Very few homes are unsuitable but a whole lot of dogs are too big for me. I’d rather see the pets.


@DebbyAndDazzle We only sit cats and, reptiles, birds, fish and small animals, so that’s not an issue for us.

Seeing the pets is even more important for you than me then. Thanks for supporting my position., :heart:

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