I wish the pets would be the first photo

I’m a fairly new member, pretty much all homeowners put a photo of their house as their profile pic, the one that shows up in searches. Personally, I would rather that there was a picture of the pets as the profile picture. I apply for sits where I think I will have a good relationship with the pets, and I can always look at the photos of the house later. For me, the pets are the primary reason I apply for a sit, not how beautiful the home is. It takes a lot of time to click on a lot of profiles to scroll down to see the pets. I realized this could just be me, I wonder if other sitters would also like this.

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Hi @DebbyAndDazzle this subject has been discussed and we have moved your question here https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/home-cover-photo to keep the conversation relevant.