Dog Theft In The UK

Another warning about dog theft in the UK and ways to avoid the dangers.

Responsible dog breeders have been scaling back their operations due to the pandemic, meaning some breeds are becoming rarer at a time of increased demand due to people working from home.

Becky Thwaites, the head of public affairs at Blue Cross, told The Guardian that the pandemic has created a ‘perfect storm’ in the market.

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Dog Thefts is very worrying as they seem to be very “Natural looking” about it. I always ask the HO about local thefts or attempted and where are they happy for the Dogs to go, where to keep away from, lead or off lead etc. If there has been local thefts we are even more wary when out with the Dogs or even at the Property and the Breed of Dog as Labs and Spaniels are very popular. We just be even more alert and wary than we already are and we never let anyone get close enough to the Dogs to give them treat before Lockdown thefts started, if we were letting them play with other Dogs it was either Dogs they knew and we were always with them. I would be heartbroken if someone stole a Dog we were trusted with looking after. I had my Boarder Collie stolen, I spent the next 2 years putting up flyers and checking every Vets, Kennels, RSPCA to make sure she had not been in, this was before Chipping, however she had a lump on the tip of her Ear where she got Ran over when she was a Puppy, so it was very easy to see if it was her, I never got her back. x


Hi @Manda thank you for sharing and we are so sorry about your Collie, that is so sad. It’s hard enough losing a pet when they pass away but when one is taken getting to a place of acceptance and closer is often difficult to achieve, many would say impossible.

Once again we are so sorry.

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@Manda yes and i would not be letting dogs off lead at all with all this theft going on…its a real shmae as there is nothing quite like watching a dog enjoy running like the wind…some HOs will say ‘Yes no problem he/she always comes back’ ; thats not been my experience and its so easy from some dogs to fall into the wrong hands!