Doggy Event & Member Meet Up 26th June 2021 San Diego, CA - You're Invited!

Place: Little Italy Dog Park, 254 West Date Street, San Diego, 92101
Date: Saturday June 26th
Time: 10.00 am - 1.00pm


TrustedHousesitters is sponsoring a new community dog park fence, this will be the unveiling event and what an amazing opportunity for a member meet up in the park …

If you’re a member living in San Diego or a sitter visiting and caring for a San Diego pooch we would love to see you and lots of pooches. If you’re “poochless” never fear there will be plenty of furry friends waiting to share their magical fibres of love and devotion.

There will be giveaways for hoomans, treats for pooches, plus a barking surprise or two … let us know if you can come along.

Need more information? Please fell free to ask below or DM me.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!! :dog: :sunny: :heart_eyes: :us:

Angela & The Team


We will be there to help promote TrustedHousesitters at this event.
Maryse & Jeff


Thank you @Maryse that’s brilliant news!