Don't Miss These Special Events! 16th & 17th July

Calling All Animal Lovers in the San Diego, CA Area!

We have upcoming events on July 16th and July 17th in San Diego and our team would love your help.

You’ll be doing what we all love to do, connecting with like minded pet lovers and sharing the TrustedHousesitters message. answering questions, giving out flyers and goodies but always the biggest attraction is meeting lots of adorable pet families ….

At our adoption event you could even help one of Holly’s puppies find their furrever home and live their best life … :dog::heart::dog:

If you are available, have the time and would like to help please Direct Message one of the Forum Team for more details.

Our events really are lots of fun, you get to be part of our team, meet other members and even take home some TrustedHousesitters goodies :blush:

July 16th 9.00 am - 1.00 pm Little Italy, Amici Park Amphitheatre, San Diego CA

THE pet adoption event of the year.

Remember Holly who we rescued way back in April, she had 12 puppies, 12 very large puppies as it turns out, well we are hosting an event in Little Italy to find all of these adorable dogs their furrever homes.

There will be treats, puppy pools, bandanas, surprise guests and entertainment from an upcoming LA Pet Rescue musical :dog: :slightly_smiling_face: :dog:

July 17th … Huge Fun Day out with our PAWTners Helen Woodward Animal Centre PAWMicon 2022, Town & Country Resort, San Diego CA


We can’t wait to see everyone next weekend at our San Diego events! :green_heart: :dog:
It is going to be a PAWtastic weekend full of fun!


I’m sure, as you always do you’ll have an amazing turnout @Julie-Moderator @Kelly-Moderator - look forward to the photos! It will be fun I’m sure and hope you get some volunteers!!


@Julie-Moderator I’m so sorry I won’t be able to join you. It’s always fun to talk with people about the wonderful world of pet sitting. And seeing all the cute costumed canines? Priceless! Have fun.