Double Booking Popup?

Would it be possible to add a popup if you are applying for a sit and you have already committed the date to another sit?

Yes to my utter shame I did this. As I was leaving home for the sit that we are currently on, a lovely lady, Jane, messaged and asked if I could sit for her. I talked through every appointment that we have for the next three months with hubby (whilst packing the car) except the conflicting sit that I had already committed to two months ago. Stupid? Yes absolutely… in my defence I was rushing. Still stupid though!
A popup reminding me that I was already booked for the dates would have made me check further before agreeing.
To my utter shame I remembered as I hit send and immediately messaged to reverse out of it and apologise. I even sent screenshots as proof and offered to sit at a future point :pensive:
Still cringing from the embarrassment of the ordeal … A popup would have saved me :sweat_smile:

I’ve just booked an ‘overlapping’ sit, (though it’s not as the original HO has changed plans but can’t seem to change the listing) and I did get a pop up, something along the lines of “hello busy bee, you seem to already have something on these dates…”

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Hi @JackieX
Good for you! You must be thrilled.
I did not get any warning at all. Sweats slightly I do wish I had.

Edit** I was replying to a direct request rather than to the advertised sit though. Maybe that makes the difference.

Great feedback @Julia this is all currently in discussion … thank you

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I have a similar issue.
I was confirmed for a sit 27/8 - 16/9 then the HO had a change of plan and only needed us 5/9 - 16/9. I asked if she could amend the dates on the THS site and if she had a problem to contact THS for assistance.

In the meantime I secured another sit 27/8 - 5/9. I advised them I would accept but there may be a problem with confirming the dates as according to the availability calendar I was already booked. She tried anyway and it went through.

I too was expecting an alert re double booking conflict but didn’t get one.

As far as I know both sits are now confirmed and show on my dashboard.

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So reassuring that other people have noticed this issue too. My problem wouldn’t have happened had I given it the full attention that you gave your situation.
A popup certainly seems like it would be useful.