Easiest move ever between sits

I just completed a 16 day cat sit and I am moving next door for my next cat sit. Admittedly it is only for two days, but it is really right next door! I had heard of people meeting other THS pet sitters in the same street or even next door, but I wonder if other sitters have done two pet sits back to back which are next door to each other? Or perhaps in the same street?

I joined THS in Nov 2021 and since the middle of Dec 2021 I have been a full-time nomadic cat sitter. I have done 23 cat sits in the UK with THS and 2 in France with another pet sitting site. I also enjoyed some short holidays ranging in length from 1 night to 7 nights at times when I did not confirm cat sits. It has been a fabulous year of cats and travel so far! I just renewed my membership for another year.


How wonderful! Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep moving along the street!

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That’s amazing - I hate the moving days so door-to-door sitting would be right up my street - or any street for that matter! :rofl:


Does one street away count @cat.tails?

Barclay and Casey, one street apart and I met Barclay’s Mom & Dad at the community mail room … 5 years and at least 10, between the two "pups’ and their homes, sits later. In fact I’m staying with Barclay and his pet parents now as a friend and guest. Many of the connections we make are very special :dog: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


sure, that counts! it is a very nice story