Estate agent visits during sits

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Great to find this forum online. I’ve got myself in a bit of a pickle, and wonder if you can help.

I’m in the process of trying to move home, and the sale is taking a bit longer than planned. It’s still a couple of weeks until my confirmed sitters arrive, but - if our home hasn’t got an offer by then - it’ll be really helpful if the estate agents can bring people round during the housesit. The reason for the urgency is that we’ve had an offer accepted on another house, so need to get our skates on with the sale.

If the agents do need to come round, this shouldn’t be too frequent - maybe one person every couple of days - and the agents are very considerate, but it makes the sit a bit different from planned.

The sitters seem really lovely, and I’m planning to drop them a line to ask about this directly. Do other owners think that sounds reasonable, and do you think it’d be good to offer something in return, e.g. a voucher for a meal out?

I welcome your advice on this. Thanks so much. Fingers crossed that we get an offer ahead of the sit.


As sitters, we stayed in once to allow an agent and prospective purchaser to look around the house. This was a repeat sitting so knew the owners well.
I think it all depends on how long the sitting is for. If it is just for a few days and the sitters have to stay in every other day to let the agent in then it could be onerous. However, if the sitting is longer and the agent is only there once or twice then that would be more acceptable.
Also, do you want the sitters to be there when the agent is there? The sitters may prefer to be out and the agent has a key.
Another thing to consider is whether the sitter will want to tidy up each time. Sometimes there is no room to put the sitters “stuff” away.
I note that you are planning to ask them directly and I agree with your idea of offering a voucher for a meal out.
Maybe send them an email and when they have had time to think it through, speak to them. That way you can get a better idea of what their feelings are.
Good luck


We recently did a housesit where the house was for sale. The home host asked us if it was ok if viewings went ahead during our stay - we had no problem at all with this - I was more than happy to make the house extra tidy before viewings took place then go out for an hour so the viewers could look at their leisure without people and pets hanging around. I hope they sold with all the extra dusting I did :rofl:


Hi @hometothemenagerie welcome to our community forum and for considering the options where you sitter is concerned.

@Itchyfeet has answered your question and included arrangements to consider.

I have also been in the same situation and was more than happy to accommodate because I knew all of the details in advance and the owner appreciated my position and said if it would create too much inconvenience they could postpone, it was a relatively short stay and there was no real urgency for them, but communicating all of this ahead of time is the key.

Perhaps as @Itchyfeet says via email/message in the first instance so they have time to digest the information and then talk it through, although you will know the level of communication and relationship you have with your sitters already and the best approach to make.

Welcome again and I’m sure you will have more helpful advice from members. I hope your “fingers crossed” brings the result you are hoping for

Angela and the team

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I have seen a few sits advertised where the place is for sale and prospective buyers might be viewing the house. If a viewing only takes place every few days, that doesn’t sound bad if there is enough notice. When I sold my houses (in the US), i just got about an hour’s notice before a viewing, and there could be multiple viewings a day. This gives little time to make the house spotless, shower doors gleaming, all pet toys/cat litter/etc hidden, and more. I’m clean and tidy, but not to that level daily!

Just in a sit where the house got sold when I was here. Then the other day , they buyer asked to bring his kids . I didn’t mind. They were here more than 2 hours, i offered tea, coffee I I specifically asked for real estate agent to be with us as the new owner has bundled of questions as the kids choosing the rooms and decorations. I really was happy to help.

Was your house on the market @hometothemenagerie when you advertised your listing? If so, the sitters who applied knew this, including those who you have confirmed. However, if it was not, then that changes the original circumstances of the sit. You definitely need to communicate asap with your sitters to learn if they are willing to have agents and potential buyers visit and to keep your home extra tidy for these inspections. As another member mentioned, it may also depend on how long the sit is actually for and whether inspections could be limited to a certain number so sitters are not too inconvenienced. They may not wish to undertake the sit given the original circumstances have been changed.


I don’t think it’s fair on the sitters really tbh, I think just ask them directly though & give them the space to make an honest response.

I personally wouldn’t be happy doing it.


I think it very much depends on the sitter. I would absolutely LOVE to help you out if this were my sit.

But others may not think so.

As a homeowner who has moved and sold homes, I appreciate that offers fall through. Stuff happens.

I would also be happy to get the place prepped for each showing.

Your suggestion of a meal voucher would not be required, but it is a lovely idea :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for all this very thoughtful input. I followed up with the sitters, and they’re happy to accommodate this (and delighted with the offer of vouchers). I really appreciate the advice above, which has informed the way I made the request. Many thanks :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I’ve done many housesits for these hosts, and have been happy to stay at their home while it was being shown (they’re already out-of-state at their new place). I also would leave during showings. Well, the place has sold. They’ll be back next week to pack up, and I’ll help them. Maybe I’ll be house-sitting at the new place.


I have house sat at a couple of homes this year that were up for sale. I was informed of the time whilst on the sit and had the option to be there or not, as the agent would be showing people around. It didn’t worry me in the least. I did try to hide as many of my things away as possible though and also ensure things were put away and tidy. I chose to go out as large homes with grounds that may have taken an hours viewing. Worked out fine. A couple of years back though when another house I was sitting at was on the market I had to be there to let agent in. Found myself answering questions with the prospective buyers. All went ok though and I didn’t mind at all. I am sure things will work out for you and your sitters and not be a problem. Good luck.

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Nor me…I sometimes feel like giving exceptional pet care is not enough for some and that a personal assistant or home help is what they’re after. I’m providing a service and focus on that service in as professional way I can.

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I’m curious how this would work for the “no 3rd party” rule as it seems like it would violate it. For me this would be a hard no. It’s not something I would be comfortable doing for multiple reasons:

1 - I am a very private person and I don’t want to be forced to engage with others and make small talk as I have to be in the “mood” in order for it to not be very draining. Especially since I would feel pressure to put on a good show to try to help the HOs.

2 - If I needed to be elsewhere, then I have to rearrange my daily plan to accommodate this visit, which would be very inconvenient and I may be forced out in a situation when I would otherwise choose to stay home (ex: if it was raining, I would not choose to go out, but would be obligated to do so).

3 - I would be extremely uncomfortable having random people in a home that I was responsible for, with or without me being there. What if something happened to the house or the belongings? What if the pet got out and got injured? Who is going to be liable?


Yep, I was also thinking in regard to the ‘no third parties’ should be present in the home.