“Everything fine” is not a good update!

Just returned from a long trip and seriously disappointed in my Housesitter based on their previous reviews and their assurances! My question to HO and sitters is how to deal with a situation 6000 miles away when you don’t want to piss off the Housesitter since you still need to rely on them yet you know things are not going as agreed?

Specifics: I have used TH for 7ish years & overall have had good success with only a couple serious disapointments like this one. I met this housesitter well beforehand to explain nuances and resposibilities—all were accepted as no problem. Basically pet care & water plants, put out garbage etc. I also leave detailed instructions to guide pet, garden & house care. Housesitter knew I was nervous about leaving the animals for the longest housesit thus far and that I wanted updates and pictures every few days. Well, I had to ask for them every which way I knew how and the response given was everything is fine! I nearly had to beg for pictures and asked for specifics which rarely came. I could go on, but suffice it to say houseplants were extremely dry (can’t bear to see my what my garden looks like yet). I know garden was not watered for a week plus, garbage not taken out etc. and reason given was “work was very busy”!
Thank goodness my vigilant neighbor put out my garbage —essential for gardener and she. stepped in to water garden at times. My neighbor’s assessment is Housesitter was lazy.
The bottom line is my pets were alive and looked well when I returned which is of course the most important aspect to me but honestly not getting updates caused me distress for 2-3 weeks.

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@EASTBAYCA -as a sitter I can only suggest that you owe it to yourself and other homeowners to review your experience honestly.
Currently you have the ability to ‘score’ several categories. Score accordingly and outline any aspects which went well as the ones you are not happy with.


That is terrible, @EASTBAYCA - there is absolutely no excuses for not doing the agreed upon tasks and not giving updates unless begged.

A housesitter once killed one of my plants and I was sad! Of course it was just one in a whole garden, she didn’t notice that one hanging and of course I didn’t blame her. But I can just imagine how sad you must feel.

As sitters, on long sits, we send a message every 2-3 days with a photo, whether pet and/or garden, and small updates. Never prompted, it just happens naturally as I put myself in the host’s shoes.

You just got a bad sitter, PLEASE let that be reflected in your review.

Going forward when you talk to sitters before selecting maybe ask them 'Tell me how often you communicate with HO when you sit & what type of communication (i.e. videos, pictures, words). ’

I totally get it, for us having quality communication regularly makes us feel much more comfortable while away

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