Ex-Firefighter on a 1 yr walkabout: looking for sits & advice on this route:

Hey there!

I joined THS back in July. Wishing I could remember how I originally heard about it.

It has been INCREDIBLE so far… 2 months of pet sitting in Mexico (1 through this site, and a 6 week sit through another site which I will no longer use due to this site having proper background checks).

Just spent a few weeks enjoying Maine & Massachusetts, with a few cutie dogs and a heavenly Autumn season.

The reason I wanted to reach out on here and post an introduction is that I am wanting to hear from people - I am booked for 1.5 months in Australia starting in Dec. Then I have a sit near Rome for 2 months starting end of Feb. Absolutely TICKLED to be seeing these 2 amazing countries and really love the longer sits so I can settle in and enjoy the whole vibe of the area instead of rushing through.

I’m finding it’s easier on the pets too. We get to know each other and they are super chill for the longer sits. But I am new… I may come to appreciate shorter sits as well.

One burning question I have is: what do you all do in between sits? I was thinking of traveling slowly for the month of February, maybe stopping in Singapore, Bali, or Thailand, for the month in between.

What do you all do in between sits?
I’d love to hear from anyone who feels inspired to share.

This is just the coolest site and I am so thrilled to be seeing the world!

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Hi @faithlotus - We are hoping to be sitting in and/or around Melbourne mid-Feb until April - If you are likely to be in the area around that time let us know, it would be lovely to meet for a coffee and to share a few stories :grinning:


Do you have your flights between Melbourne and Rome already booked? I would be willing to bet that other sits will pop in that timeframe.


Absolutely fabulous @faithlotus.
Your share definitely brought a smile to my heart :purple_heart:
Sits will pop up along the way and you will find that getting past that feeling of having it all figured out in advance will bring in lots of opportunities.
Last minute sits, Airbnb, spontaneous adventures and some not so spontaneous and random but wonderful things that just can’t be missed.
This is a wonderful life.
Keep a decent budget for the tides that come and go and a keen eye.
Bali and surrounding areas are fantastic places for slow traveling in between sits, though there are sits to be found, accommodations cost are very low and the experience is one of a kind.
Congratulations and keep loving life.


Hey thanks so much for your kind words. I breathed a sigh when I read your words. I am a bit of an over planner. Lol. Thank you for the reminder to be spontaneous! Hugs n hi fives from across the miles!

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Hi! Nope… Totally open. Quite a weird feeling still - lil bit of “limbo” but I am fairly sure there will be a grand adventure!!! Singapore and Bali are really calling me.

Hey guys! I think I was reading a post of yours… for New Zealand? OMG #bucketlist!!! I just know I will want to stay in New Zealand forever when I do make it there, so I’m waiting until I have 3 months entirely open. If I’m still in Melbourne in Feb I will for sure hit you guys up for a meetup! Yay!


I love your approach to the adventure of it all. Your profile is also great. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time, wherever you land!! Sounds like you are open to all weather though, if you just did New England. If you get the chance, look at Sweden in the summer. It is amazing, and I’ve seen some longer sits there recently (they’re gone, but I’m sure there will be others).


Ooh! SWEDEN!!! I think I actually have an invitation to an eco village in that area of the world. Funtastic! Thanks so mucho for the idea!