Explore Cost Rica Expat Lifestyle

Hello fellow owners and sitters!
My husband, Hiten, and I are diving in feet first into the petsitter lifestyle, combining it with our love of sailing, travel and culture! Over the rest of 2022, we will be doing sits in Arizona, Florida, Virginia and Switzerland!
We have explored the idea of retiring in Costa Rica and would love to find opportunities to visit the country’s different regions through petsitting. We thought this would be the best way to live like a native/expat.


Costa Rica is definitely on our bucket list too. :heart:

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And mine. Enjoy your travels, Melissa and Hiten, & housesitting- I’ve never been happier :sunglasses:


Welcome @melissaandhiten
I will venture to say you are off to a great start to your new life. Have fun and enjoy. You will find so many opportunities to create the perfect mix of all you love.

Me too! :smiling_face: