Hello THS Forum! And Especially AUSTIN, TX folks!

We are brand new to this group, and are looking to connect with Austin TX owners. We retired to Costa Rica in 2019 and are missing the opportunity to see our grand-kids without always having to stay in a Hotel. We are flexible in our TX travel plans and would very much like to possibly work out a schedule with you. We have been owned by various dogs and cats over our 40 years of raising a family, and are familiar with the woes of having to place our pets in commercial kennels when we vacationed. Let us help you find peace of mind when you travel for work or pleasure. Looking for sits of at least 2-3 weeks at a time.


Hello and welcome. What a good approach to setting up sits ā€” make sure you favorite all the area sits on the website, too. Best of luck in Costa Rica and coming back often to see the grandkids!

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Austin sits are posted often. I notice them, because Iā€™m up the road in Dallas. Good luck!

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