SunSeeking Couple traveling with Aussie

Hello, everyone! Brian, Doc (our Aussie who goes everywhere with us) and I are so happy THS has helped us start this new lifestyle. We’re three years and 40+ sits in, full-time, LOVING it, and don’t see an end in sight. We mostly sit in the SW U.S. or California but have been to the NW and SE U.S. as well. Mexico is in the plans as well as Europe next year (we hope) and some day Australia and New Zealand. Thank you, everyone, for your helpful feedback!


Welcome @CathieBrianDoc to our community Forum, we have a special place for you Doc, pride of place in the Pet Category, a pet sitting pet with 40 reviews, pawsome!

Ask the family to post a pic of you and any of your other pet pals you’ve helped look after … Whisper - bark, :dog: who was your favourite, or aren’t we allowed to ask? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’ve joined a great group some are “seasoned” members who volunteered to test the platform and have contributed some great content, others like you are new here, we hope you’ll enjoy the conversations and making new connections.

Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:

@CathieBrianDoc Welcome to the forum Cathie and Doc. So many great people and interesting discussions going on. Great to get involved.

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Great to meet you @CathieBrianDoc and welcome! :hugs:

We’re currently sitting and visiting friends in Southern California after a long stretch of sitting in the Pacific North West. So it sounds like we currently share common ‘stomping grounds’ :grinning:

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Welcome to you! I love this housesitting lifestyle too, sadly a bit of a go slow at the moment though

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Hi guys! Wow that is sooo cool that you house sit with your Aussie! I absolutely love Aussies, they’re just so smart and adorable! How have you found house sitting with a dog in tow? It doesn’t seem to have hampered things from the sound of it, which is great. We often get asked if pet sitting with a pet would be feasible, and it seems like you guys are proving that it really can be done!

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