Hello from Canberra, Australia

My husband Hugh and I are on a long break from our public service jobs and are enjoying some well-earned freedom as travelling house sitters. We have recently sold our house in Canberra after spending a year in Moscow on a diplomatic posting, which was incredibly interesting to say the least. Luckily we left just before things went bad, which is so devastating to so many including many of our Russian friends and colleagues. We joined THS only a few months ago, so still have our training wheels on and are learning a lot as we go. We are finding the forum to be a very useful resource and find it comforting to know that there is always someone else with the same problem or issue. We are up to our second sit on a 25 acre farm with miniature goats and horses which are very cute. We now have sits lined up until the end of the year. We are planning a long overseas trip next year and are looking forward to doing some sits along the way. We are very impressed with the way the platform has been set up and the professionalism of the administrators - thank you volunteers, you are doing a great job and providing an excellent service to both sitters and owners.


Welcome @DeretaMaria to the forums. It’s a great place for the exchange of information pertaining to all things in the world of petsitting, for sitters and homeowners as well. I agree the moderators and volunteers do a wonderful job keeping everything running smoothly. Sounds like you hit the ground running on getting sits lined up for this year. Overseas for next year is the perfect way to continue your adventures!


Welcome @DeretaMaria I am also an Australian sitter and home owner (HO) in Scarborough, Queensland and a retired APS employee. I’m sure you will have a great sitting experience. The forum is a fantastic educational space.