Hello from Costa Rica

We are a British couple now living in Costa Rica for the past 3 years. We joined trusted just over a year ago so that we could spend some time sitting while we were back in the UK visiting family and also to have sitters here in Costa Rica to look after our house and pets. Unfortunately the pandemic hit so we haven’t managed either a sit or a sitter! But hopefully that will all change soon!! Helen & Ram


Hi Helen and Ram! Hope things get better soon so that you can get to visit your family here in the UK as well as getting sitters to look after your home and pets over there in beautiful Costa Rica!

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Hi @Katkins welcome and wonderful that you could join us on launch day. 2020 has been so challenging and has reminded many of us who are away from family and friends just how much we need to connect and miss one another but things are changing for the better and we hope that you can soon get on board that silver bird and be with your family again in the UK …

Thank you for being part of our community and enjoy connecting with other members.

Angela and the Team