Extraordinary Kindness While Traveling

Before “The Great Paws” I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time in the UK during which I home and pet sat full time, some were repeat sits. I traveled a lot by rail and coach and always enjoyed being able to take photos and videos along the way.
Once whilst traveling from Oxford back to London, I sat in the front seat of the upper level on the coach for the best view. As we were getting close, I set my phone down on a ledge in front of me.
As I put on my coat, I watched my phone slide down a gap between the windshield and the ledge. The charger still in place, I attempted to pull it up like a fishing line and then it came undone. A gentleman beside me, tried to help to no avail.
Upon arriving to Victoria station, the driver explained that the panel was secured since that is where they kept the electronics for WiFi and cameras on the coach. He took my details and gave me the info on where I could follow up and make a claim to retrieve my phone.
Now as a long time, experienced traveler, I had more than 14,000 photos stored on my device. I had apps and tickets to continue on my travels. Fortunately I had my laptop and was able to retrieve my ticket. What I did not do was retrieve the actual address! This was a repeat sit and I knew how to walk there but it was by now night time and I was exhausted. I got a black cab and explained to the driver and he said, “Get in, we’ll get you home” which he did following my “walking directions”.
I immediately sent an email to the address given to me and by next morning received a response that my phone had been retrieved and was ready for me to come pick it up at the main headquarters, in Oxford!
So off I go. I had to make a R/T and be back early enough to feed the cats dinner!
Back in Victoria, I told the story to the fellow at the ticket counter and he gave me a ticket for £5. In Oxford, I told the woman at the station that I need to get to their headquarters and why. She put me on a company shuttle for employees. One of the other passengers, another driver, reached over and fastened my seatbelt. It was a short ride but lovely ride through parts of Oxford I had not seen. I really had no idea where I was going nor how I would get back. After I picked up my phone, they brought me back.
It was early still, so I went to the grounds of the Cathedral and visited their lovely coffee shop where I enjoyed delicious cake and coffee.
It had turned out to be a delightful day.
One that was full of kindness from strangers that will not soon be forgotten.
Sorry no pics, phone was asleep.

But these are from the top of the coach taken before my phone’s escapade!


@Amparo, it lifted my heart after reading about your adventure. So many kind gestures. It must have been very upsetting for you, especially if you had lost all your photographic memories.
I love a happy ending. :smiley:


Wonderful. It does the heart good to hear stories like that. I’ll add my own.
Travelling in NYC on the underground. I got off an overland train in Grand central Station and transferred onto the underground. I didn’t really understand their system so i asked the gentleman sitting next to me if I was going the correct way to get to 49th Street. This started a conversation about their system and what uptown and down town meant. Half the carriage got involved explaining the NYC travel system.
Another time I needed to get on the LongIsland Railway to get back to Port Washington. I never even asked but a stranger must have realised my confusion while looking at the information screens. She was obviously going home from work but she took the time to not just tell me where to go back but took me there, waited with me and made sure I got on the correct train.

Strangers are only friends you never met yet.

Before I arrived in NYC I was told by many people it was the unfriendliest place on earth. I loved it and it was the people who made it for me. I could go on for ever telling heart warming stories about strangers help and kindness in all different places but I won’t. However, I am a great believer in the idea a smile and positive attitude is always met with kindness. An angry face and words are ignored.


Thank you so much @Max-4-sit! it lifted my heart to write it and share it!
So much so, many more are coming. Maybe that is why I was able to retrieve them, so I can now share them. :heart_eyes_cat:
This life has been truly magical for me.


Yes! What a lovely story. Please do share more.
What we experience is always a reflection of what is inside of us.
When we feel unhappy, we don’t smile. When we are happy, we smile.
People sense this and when we smile, we invite the kindness in others.
I was born and raised in NYC and I was miserable :rofl:
I am always smiling when I’m traveling, even when I think about it.


It’s not always true @Amparo when you feel blue, even cry, sometimes people come to you, see your distress and confort you, ignoring totally why you are so sad. It happened to me 22 years ago in Paris métro and i burst into tears having left my mother who was unable anymore(brain cancer) to communicate with me, thinking i was 4 when it was my birthday and i was that very day 49. A couple of guys cuddled me.