Favorite Sit Gone Before You Even Get an Alert

Sorry @pietkuip I don’t understand the precise circumstance of your example. Were you already the confirmed sitter & you got a notification of the adjustment? That isn’t the same as what I’m talking about, when you have saved searches set on the App for which matches are listed, or your favourites post a new listing. In those circumstances then the notification is not instantly despatched, only within the maximum 59 minutes after the listing goes live.
Or is that not what you meant?
I sometimes feel we all need a glossary to explain the differences between favourites, saved searches, notifications (by App) and notifications (by email) :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Heck, 75 have favorited mine, and I’m in Cincinnati, for heaven’s sake. :smiley: Not exactly the tourism capital of the world.


(Trundles off to check out @Val’s listing and to ponder the awesomeness of Cincinnati!) :wink:


I just favorited your sit. It looks great and I sit in the Midwest a lot. If I wasn’t already booked for those dates I would apply.


The circumstances were that we had confirmed a sit, but that we needed to adjust the dates. The only way to do that is for the HO to cancel the old listing first.

Then the HO posted our agreed dates and sent me an invitation. I believe that I also received at almost the same time a notification in the app because I had it as a favourite but it could be that my memory is wrong there. Anyway, I was told that we needed to do this (accepting and confirming) quickly to avoid getting up the hopes of others.

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OK @pietkuip now I understand, thank you & those sort of notifications must be generated immediately as they are personal to you & the HO. I (and I think the OP and others) mean the kind of notification one gets to alert one to a new listing posted by HO. Maybe we need clarification of this. I’ll have a look for the thread I’m referring to first.
The statement from @Ben-ProductManager and an unnamed source at membership services is contained within the thread

and more specifically "…please note that notifications are sent every hour not instantly. This means if a notification has been sent at 1:45 pm any listing listed between 1.45 pm and the next notification at 2:45 pm can be applied to by anyone who is accessing the website or the app. "
and @Ben-ProductManager wrote:
The Saved search app notifications are sent hourly and a notification is sent if the listing has availability.
A notification can be clicked on any time after it’s received, so if you receive it i.e. at 10:00 and then click on the notification at 10:30, then if the listing only had 1 place remaining it might be under ‘reviewing applicants’ once you click on the notification.”

And finally, the ever helpful @geoff.hom has produced a glossary just as such it was the lack of I was bemoaning:


I’d already favorited your listing, I’m already booked though! :disappointed:

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From my experience, the alerts of ‘favorited’ sits are closer to the ‘real time’ of the listing than sits that fit the criteria of a saved search. Like others have said, it seems that those may only come hourly perhaps. I first came to notice this when I was checking a particular region quite frequently for listings, and I had ‘favorited’ a number of sits in that area.


I have often wondered that myself.
I have also looked at alerts as soon as they come in and find they are already being reviewed.
I usually shrug my shoulders and utter oh well maybe next time .

Not to toot my own city’s horn, but Cinci is actually pretty awesome. Back in the 60s and 70s, it was literally the culinary capital of the country, had 3 Mobil 5-star restaurants to NYC’s 2. It still punches above its weight that way. Oh, and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t the biggest city in Ohio. It’s just that a big chunk of the greater metro area is across the river in KY. :smiley:

I’ve enjoyed my visits to the area. Jungle Jim’s was memorable as well. Jungle Jim's International Market - Wikipedia

Jungle Jim’s is a destination supermarket. I’ve had sitters in from Cleveland (4 hours) who specifically referenced it as a reason they wanted the sit.

Yes, we’ve been to JJ during road trips and drove out there specifically. We stayed in hotels along the river and Kentucky border, so there was no reason to venture out to JJ’s neighborhood otherwise.

It was so big that I walked out the wrong side once and asked my husband to drive around and meet me, LOL.

Wow :star_struck: I love exploring local grocery stores when I travel; Jungle Jim’s now puts Cincinnati on my list of cities to visit—seriously!

Yup, I love things that many people consider mundane. Like I enjoy going into grocery stores or the drug store and seeing what’s different, maybe picking up soaps, shampoos and toothpaste with local flavors. I also love trying local snacks and foods. Because I telecommute from sits, that includes ordering takeout or getting DoorDash to deliver.

When I actually want to sightsee a bunch, I’ll just pay my own way on vacation (or I’ll tack on days at a hotel after a sit), without rushing to get back to pets.

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I had a look at your listing, and wow!—probably the best-written listing I’ve encountered. No wonder so many have favorited it (now me included). It’s clear it was written with understanding of the sitter’s perspective; I have zero questions after reading it and most listings leave me with at least a couple!


Wow, thank you so much for that! I have worked hard on it, often updating it with advice I see to other HOs here in this forum.


I just missed out on a DREAM SIT for that reason. I wish it were permissible to contact the HO and tell them that whoever they picked is nowhere near as perfect for the sit as you are. :rofl: (Yes, I am kidding.) This sit was “make you cry” perfect for me, and since it’s still months away, I will be keeping an eye on it like a crazed stalker for any change of plans.


OH :scream:

Bye bye money.

Cincinnati sit imminent!

LOL. I thought you might be interested in JJ’s, given your food background.