Narrowing my searches with Saved Searches

Hello, I keep getting house sit opportunities from all over the world (wishful thinking at this time), but I am in a situation at this time to only sit locally. How do I tweek that please on the site? Thanks.

Are you being invited to sits internationally, or are you wanting to do searches locally?

If it’s invites you want to stop, you could try adding a line at the beginning of your profile specifying what you are looking for, but some home owners don’t read it.

If you want to search for local sits only, you click on Find a Sit, type in the country or area or city etc, and then your dates/animals etc if you want to specify more detail.


Thanks for that suggestion, that worked … x


Thank you, I will try that, just finding my way around this website. I think I need a Degree lol x


Hi @Mimmac2022 in your profile you have “Preferences” this is where you can select the places you wish to sit, I would imagine that at the moment it’s set to “Anywhere in the World” I will also get one of the team to connect and help you when they are next online @Lucy-B

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Hi @Mimmac2022 it looks like you have already received some fab advice from the very helpful @Kelownagurl and it sounds like they have hit the nail on the head with what you needed.

I have double-checked your ‘Saved searches’ and see you have one set up locally which is great, this means you will be notified of new sits in your area. If you would like to learn more about Saved searches then please take a look at our help desk articles which I will link below.

If you are in need of any support navigating either the website or App (whichever you use) or both for that matter then you are more than welcome to contact our knowledgeable Membership Services support who will be happy to advise.

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Hello, how can I get notified when a sit comes up in a country I want to go to?
Thank you

Hi @Lazza - I’ve moved your question here as you’ll find the links in Lucy’s comment above. To get notifications you’ll need to set “saved searches” and her links explain exactly how to do that. If you need any further help on this do let us know.
All the best
Vanessa and the forum team

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I inquired about “saved searches” last year as I couldn’t seem to save any searches. All of a sudden in the last month I can now click on “notify me” if I’m interested in a listing. My questions now is - how do I view my “saved” searches. Also a question I brought up last year which has yet to be resolved. When I click on “favorites” I see only previous house sits I have done. Help!

Are you on the app or website? On the website, I go to “Find a house sit,” then it’s under “Your saved searches.” Pic:

I’m on the web and when I click on “Find a sit”, nothing appears regarding “saved searches”.

If your screen doesn’t look like the one I posted, it sounds like you haven’t made a saved search yet. Let’s start from the beginning:

  • You said you’re on the web (vs app). So am I. Great.
    • FYI, I’m on a MacBook Air and am using Safari. You?
  • Earlier in this topic are links to how to make saved searches. For convenience, the one for the website is:
  • Can you please go thru the steps in that link and try to create a saved search? E.g., filter for sits with only cats, and try to save that search.
  • If that doesn’t work, we can hopefully figure this out by both posting screenshots and comparing.
  • Note that “Favourites” are different than Saved Searches.

After discussing with @Globetrotter, I realize the TH user interface can be confusing for a “saved search” vs a saved listing, aka “Favourite.” I’ll try to clarify with screenshots, highlighted with red rectangles.

How to make a saved search via desktop website (Mac, Safari):

How to view a saved search:

How to save a listing as a Favourite:

How to view a saved listing (i.e., Favourite):

Additionally, @Globetrotter noted they have a lot of Favourites but don’t remember adding them. I found this in another topic:

If you have Favourites you don’t want, you can unfavorite them (one at a time), or perhaps manage them with labels.

How confusing! I do have a few Saved Searches, but I never ‘save’ favourites and had no idea how the hundreds got there.