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Hi Mars … posted earlier

I’m fairly new to the site and was wondering if I save a home as a favourite does the home owner get informed

Hi @seagulls and thanks for your question about favourites. I’ve moved your post here as you’ll find plenty of feedback about use of the favourites option and who can see when this has been used.

Katie, from membership services also explains…

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions about using the platform, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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I have never clicked ‘favourite’ for anything, yet I have just discovered that many many homeowners appear in my Favourites section, on and on by clicking View More. Something is wrong, I never ticked any of them, so can they be removed? @Vanessa_A

It is very easy to “save” something by accident, by just inadvertently clicking the heart in the top right corner of the listing photo. It is also easy to remove - just click on the list in your “favorites” tap, click “more” in the top right, and the pop-up option will show.

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I guarantee I never clicked the heart and anyway there seem to be hundreds in my Favourites list and the one at the top is someone who contacted me without my ever seeing their listing. The actions you mention don’t work, I’ve tried, and anyway I want all the hundreds gone!

HI @Lauraa I’m tagging @Therese to help you with this when she is back online.

Hi Laura… I see Angela has already tagged Therese who will be able to advise on this tomorrow. All the best!

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Hi @Lauraa As @Lassie mentions and shows, you can remove your favourites as indicated. As you have been with TrustedHousesitters a while, there may have been some previous tech set up to automatically save a listing into a favourite. However, it is difficult to say why you have so many favourites set up. So do remove these and keep the ones you want. There is only one issue within the favourite folder and that is the inactive members. These at the moment cannot be removed, but I am asking for advice on this from our tech team. Please bear with us on this. BTW … On the App, your favourites do come up differently, and more clearly, and these are not associated with the messaging system. If you set a heart on a listing in the App, (thus making it a favourite), this will also appear on the website (desktop) under Favourites too. I hope this helps a little. Kind regards Therese

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As I said above, there are at least a hundred, maybe more, going back to 2013. I don’t fancy removing each one manually. Could the tech people not just delete the lot? I don’t want ANY favourites, I’ve never used this feature. I only saw they were there because of seeing the word in this thread.

I fully understand the inconvenience, Tech has come back to me, that for the moment they do not have a solution to remove the inactive. But we will endeavour to remove the others for you. Please give us a day or so. kind regards Therese

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Yes, wouldn’t that be nice. I have dozens of favourites in my inbox that I can neither delete or archive because they are not active.

I just discovered that I can’t remove from Favourites listings that are “Currently not active” and sent a request to THS via Help before checking the forum for this. OK, so looks like this issue has been around for several years! (That seems a bit much!) This makes it so I don’t want to Favourite any listings as it becomes difficult to manage.

It would be nice if rather than having to open each listing we could simply select one or several and choose to remove them from Favourites.

Also, with so many showing up as “Currently not active” I’m wondering about well THS is doing with the growth and maintenance of members and listings.

Hi @Wetravel

Thank you for your suggestions.

As it stands, the website ‘favourite’ is not ideal, and our product team are aware, and will be looking at this when they look at the website messaging system as a whole. It is a big piece of work.

In the meantime, the favourites display very nicely on the App, and it is easy to scroll through, and excludes ‘currently not active’

I really like your suggestion of selecting one or many in one action to remove and will pass this on to the product team.

Therese, if HOs are notified when we ‘favourite’ them are they also notified if we ‘unfavourite’ them? I wouldn’t like to offend anyone… D

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Hi @Dee
I wanted to confirm that if you ‘unfavourite’ any listing, there is no notification to the HO; you would just disappear off their ‘favourites’ list.

Thanks for the info Therese. This thread has got me thinking, it would be really good if sitters could add a personal message when we ‘favourite’ a HO, seen as they are being sent a notification anyway. Something for the suggestion box… Dee

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I’m new here and a home owner. I’ve tagged some sitters as favourites. Have they also been notified that I’ve done that?

As a sitter, I wasn’t even aware that owners could favorite us. I’ve never been notified that an owner has save my listing.
Dan and Nan

Hi @jan4 and @Danandnan,
I believe this previous post should answer your question. You can always use the search function in the upper right corner to search through older threads about the information you are looking for.