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Hello fellow sitters!

I wanted to ask about the saved searches. I noticed that my notification about a “favoured” sitting or location sometimes comes late. I get the notification, open it and it says that the house owner is already reviewing applications. Is there some reason why I get it so late? I understand when I open it later some people apply before me but I really open it at the time of getting it. Does it happen to you too?

Hello from Germany :blush:

Yes, this happens all the time. TH instituted a new rule that only 5 applications will be sent to a homeowner. The sits can fill up within seconds.

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Hello @Hanybany welcome to the forum!

This concern has been mentioned by others as far as not getting a chance to send an " application."

There are also many other posts that talked about saving individual listings in the app in areas you want to H/P sit and that is another way to get alerts about HO postings.

Hang in there…you will get sits!

Keep posting and reading the forum…very helpful resource!

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Happens all the time since the 5 apps only rule. The best sits are gone instantly. Unfortunately some HO’s don’t know about it, and sit there waiting patiently for more applications, which of course, don’t come until they delete the unsuitable ones .

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Notifications for favorites are not instant. They may come an hour or more after the listing is posted. Sits in popular locations get 5 apps in less than an hour. I get notifications every day for sits that are already reviewing.

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Yea, that’s What I thought. I hope they will sort this out :weary::pray:t3:

Thank you for the tips! :wink::shamrock:

I’ve had that happened too. I have a tablet & a phone and oddly, I get notifications on my tablet 1st and sometimes 30 minutes later I get the notification on the phone. So, I think it could be a device issue not THS.

Good Morning all.

We’ve been having the same problem. We have 3 areas as saved searches and lots or ‘favoured’ sittings. Our search is for a whole country, not only a region. Our availability is over a period of 4 months but yet, nothing! We check all of them every day and all we ever find are HO already reviewing.
We never get any notifications. I was starting to wonder if the reason for this was because we have the most basic subscription? The 5 apps only rule seems a little unfair to me, but I’m sure there are good reasons for it.

At this point I just feel that I’m paying for something that I’m not getting a whole lot out of. We’ve been members for 5 months and have only been able to apply for one sit.

I am really very impressed with the whole site and the way everything works. Also the vetting process seems very good.
Might I have this problem just because we are new here?? Thank you.

Welcome @Hilly
I’m guessing that the country where you are looking for sits is not U.K. or USA where the majority of sits are ?

I guess that you created those in the web interface where Basic sitters have the maximum number of three saved searches. Then you should get a daily email with alerts for those countries.

To get push notifications in your phone you need to create Saved searches in the app. There the maximum is ten. However, this is broken for some of the android apps. THS is aware of the problem and there was a message yesterday that they were investigating.

@Silversitters yes you are guessing correctly, we’re not looking at either the UK or USA. But there are lots of listings in the country we are searching.

Interesting thing over the last few days with this. I have 2 searches set up for the same set of dates, one is UK wide and the other is for Scotland. There have been multiple sits come up on the UK one over the weeks and I was beginning to think that I must just be missing out on the Scottish sits (although the dates are not peak holiday times). Yesterday a sit came up on the app in Scotland on the UK wide search but not on the Scotland one. About 20/30 minutes later it notified on the Scotland search!? Now I am getting pinged regularly (3/4 times a day) for the Scotland sit but only on the UK wide search, not on the Scotland search. Clearly something is off with the notifications. I am thinking to delete the UK wide search to see what happens.


Maybe unfavourite (not sure that’s a real word) and do them again @hilly on both your phones. My husband gets alerts that “stay” and are more often on his android than I do on my iPhone. The subscription level doesn’t make a difference to alerts but it does limit how many favourites you can have overall. Where are you looking to sit as members might have some ideas on where else to look, e.g. FB groups in SE Asia are excellent for example. #tellusmoreplease

Thank you @pietkuip this is helpful. We did exactly what you said, saved our searches in the web interface and we both have android phones. I’ll create Saved searches in the app and hope for the best :crossed_fingers:t4: :crossed_fingers:t4:

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@Shannon interesting! :thinking:

Thank you for this @Cuttlefish. I will definitely try this. I’m glad to know that our subscription level doesn’t make a difference. We are looking at the Netherlands.

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We’ve sat there and good sits do go fast no question. If it sounds interesting @Hilly you could always stretch your search area to Belgium and/or Germany too as you can hop back and forth to NL with FlixBus cheaply? Annoyingly some friends in Almere, NL were looking for a sitter as we couldn’t help and have just found someone. #shucksnexttime

Thank you so @Cuttlefish much for all your suggestions and help. We will think about these options. Thank you!

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Hello @Hilly pardon is this has been suggested.

Saved searches and favorites on the web site seem bust.

I suggest deleting them all.

Then ceeate saved searches and favorites on your phone via the app and make sure the notifications are turned on in the app settings AND phone settings.

Good luck.

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