Favorite sits, where, how, how long?

Have you been to Cyprian’s cave yet?

And higher up, there is a castle. Private, but some days they were open for visitors. That is also quite a climb and a walk.

Otherwise all the nice places to eat and drink are on main street. And La Pie had a street party.

And then there was Saturday evening at the place next to the river across the bridge. Say hello to Scott and Diana and Kim (Australian) and Suzanne (Dutch, I helped her to dig a grave for her cat) if you see them! There were also other Australians, a couple living there part of the time, Nick and Tanja.

I had lots of rides there, to visit castles, or Josephine Baker’s place, or to the Michelin-starred restaurant nearby. Or with Nick to a Swedish space-health professor far away with a great barbecue. Or to the troglodytes. Or take the train to that other medieval town, Sarlat-la-Canéda.

Or to Bordeaux if you get bored (I never got there, I had so much fun in and around that little town.)


One of my favorite sits was in idyllic Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s hometown. I love British literature, culture and history. Was in London just before and had seen Macbeth performed at Shakespeare’s Globe.

My sit dog turned out to be the most charming and social I’ve ever met, a border terrier. He loved to sleep and cuddle. We hung out together all the time, because he behaved well everywhere.

We walked all over town, among the lush grounds along the River Avon and in the countryside, and took a river cruise and a ferry together. We stumbled across various festivities in the lovely, sprawling parks riverside. They included dragon boat racing and an Indian new year’s festival. He was unfazed by crowds and noise, even fireworks.

We’d walk among beautiful gravestones from generations ago, cloaked in moss. They rested in the churchyard of Shakespeare’s baptismal and burial site, where he also was married and had his children baptized. We’d go to historic pubs, cafes and restaurants and everyone loved doggo — he’d get pets and treats from the staff and customers. We enjoyed Sunday roast together in a hotel restaurant courtyard.

My sit hosts were thoughtful, offered me bottles of wine and groceries. Beautiful, clean home with a lush backyard, an easy walk from the lively city center. Well-appointed guest room and bath, with top notch bed and bedding. Space for all of my things. They offered to pick me up and drop me off even an hour+ away, if I wanted. Left me a painstakingly hand-mapped book of the many walks. They were trusting and easygoing. We traded lovely updates.

To get to Stratford-upon-Avon, I’d booked a sightseeing tour from London that took us through the gorgeous Cotswolds and multiple historic Shakespeare sites. Once in town, I enjoyed afternoon tea, a favorite of mine. And when I left the sit, my host kindly drove me to historic Warwick, where I stayed over and did sightseeing, including Warwick Castle.

In Warwick, I stayed at a hotel above a pub, which is a fun experience for an American who loves British culture. The pub hotel reminded me of the Downton Abbey era and such, when travelers would stay in them. It was so quaint that rooms had actual keys with giant wooden key tags. The friendly pub staff did all the hoteling services and the pub served a great full English breakfast.

Today, I fly from the U.S. to do the sit again. Thrilled to do that, even though I don’t normally do repeats, favoring fresh experiences. Excited to seeing my lovely sit dog again, whom I’d clone if possible. Sitting for ~two weeks, like last time.


Enjoy @Maggie8K, the weather is glorious today, a few showers around next week but should be warm at least. School half term next week so the town should be buzzing with activity. Would have been lovely to catch up again but we are off to Kent and Essex for 6 weeks so maybe next time :wink::grin:

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Thank you, @Shannon! Sorry to miss you, but was glad to see you all last time and get acquainted. Yes, maybe next time.

I just had lunch with Angela again during my most recent sit, on Bainbridge Island, off Seattle. She was very well. Happy to catch up.

@Maggie8K That sounds a thoroughly enjoyable experience & I can well understand your joy in returning! Have fun!

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Oh wow, maybe one day we will make it stateside :grin:


@pietkuip sent you a DM as follow-up on our chat.