Feedback for HO needs categories

When homeowners rate us with stars, they are given several categories. When we rate them we just have an overall number of thumbs up to select. Homeowners also need categories as it might encourage sitters to be more honest in their reviews. Some suggested categories are ACCURACY OF LISTING, CLEANLINESS, and COMMUNICATION. Anyone have thoughts about this?


There are many other threads mentioning this - may I suggest that you use the spyglass on your screen and use the keywords HO feedback or similar to read member comments on this subject

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I like the fact that you are bringing this up again, as it demonstrates an obvious way that THS can improve their product. Great feedback for THS! It cannot be difficult to implement this change. I don’t understand why it has not already been done. It would make lots of things easier and less frustrating for everyone.

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Until such time as they have categories, I recommend making sure you include these topics in your review/feedback. We generally mention cleanliness and communication in our reviews, as well as other things that home owners might not have included in their post so future sitters have the info - ie wifi speed, bed size, distance to shops etc.