Feedback/ Review(sitter> owner) a fairer format

This has been said in all forms and colours , mentioned in many topics of the forum so I won’t go into the details so much.
I have created a post for it alone to highlight this question because i think it deserves its own emphasis. Clear and SImple

First REVIEWS & FEEDBACK should be hidden from one another
re. not able to be seen before written, so everyone is honest and one’s review doesn’t depend on what the other party has written ! sometimes people prefer not to write anything instead which is not right

Sitter > Owner
Feedback/ Review should be as comprehensive as for the Homeowner who reviews the sitter. The owners ALREADY have these categories so to keep the balance between Owners and Sitters in THS, feedback should also include CATEGORIES with STARS

categories and stars would leave awkwardness behind, leave a hint and you can still be nice to the owners written review without offending too much.

example of categories:
-CLEANLINESS: a big & so important one that makes a big difference! Some house are squeaky clean and others are so depressing the sitter doesn’t want to touch anything.
-accurate description from website
-level of work (some places pet sitting is like pro farming and the number of pets sand work goes beyond unpaid work, , some are easy going)
-level of trust: sounds logical but not always the case… - after all isn’t this called TRUSTEDhousesitter?
-generosity ( that one sounds strange but so important it is, maybe a better name? ) meaning how “spoiled” or well treated the sitter was… for example: big difference between a person who leaves NOTHING in the fridge or pantry, to others who bake you a cake !

Any more suggestions from sitters?