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Hi, I’m fairly new , we have just had our second sitter visit, we have one more coming in October. My question is I gave them both reviews, do they have to give me as the home owner some sort of feedback/ review. Lesley

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I don’t think that they have to but as an owner I sure think it’s important for them to do so. I think future sitters should welcome information on how a sitter appreciated the sit, the house, the pets.


Hello @Niveacream and welcome to the forum, and to TrustedHousesitters. The terminology to remember is that sitters give feedback to owners, and owners give reviews to sitters. However, Peter goes into more detail in this excellent post:

Reviews & feedback

There isn’t any mandatory requirement as such, but as @gchampagne points out, it’s courteous to do so by owners and sitters as it helps build up each profile.

Here are the instructions on how to request feedback from your sitter.

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