Feedback for new sitter profile?

Hi there! I’m hoping for any useful tips you all can offer me as a new sitter!

I added my profile link to my forum profile.
My plan is to apply for a couple close-to-home sits this month (I’m busy over the holidays unfortunately!) and gain a few reviews before branching out.

Thanks for your help!

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@Emily17 your profile looks great and your plan to pick up some last minute sits close to home is a tried and tested one that’s sure to land you a couple of sits and those all important first reviews .

Before applying to a listing I suggest that you check that the homeowner has left reviews for their previous sitters or if they are also new , emphasis how important a review is to you getting started on THS .

To maximise your opportunities you can apply to more than one sit at a time as some owners take their time to respond or never respond at all .

Once you have confirmed a sit you won’t be able to cancel ( unless you have a good reason ) or apply for another sit on those dates . So be sure that you’ve had a discussion with the homeowner and are confident about the sit before clicking the “accept”
the sit button .

All the best and happy house sitting . Please update the forum when you land your first sit .

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@Emily17 , your profile looks nice, but perhaps Matt mistakenly left you only 4 stars? Ask him to contact Membership Services to have them to change it to a 5. Here, 5 is the norm. Less than that means something went wrong.

Perfect plan to get some local sits firstly :+1:

How long is too long when writing an application to sit?

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In my opinion the application should capture the essence of the HO’s profile, description of pets and responsibilities, to show that you read it thoroughly and that you are up for it all!
You can certainly ask a question or two if knowing right away it’s very important (before going any further in the process), such as how long the pets can be left home alone for, or if the dates are firm, for instance.

I don’t repeat what’s already in my profile, however I add a sentence to the effect that I would like to do a video call if my application is of interest to them.

So, all in all maybe three-four paragraphs long.

I show that by using the sitter’s name and the pet’s name(s). So my applications are usually a bit shorter.

I am often saying something to explain why I am interested to come to their town.

Nice profile! I agree with @Peonie19 about application lenght.

If you are using a pre written application, make sure to edit it to be relevant for the sit you are applying for! F.ex. we tell in our listing, that we live in a city and our dog only has sniff walks near the house, while we’re away. We’ve still received applications telling us, that long walks in the nature with our dog are one of the things the sitter is looking forward to :woman_shrugging:

We landed a sit this weekend, but unfortunately the homeowner had to cancel due to illness. We have a call later for another sit next weekend, so fingers crossed!

Officially started our first sit this morning. :slight_smile: Thanks all!

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