Feedback welcome. What have I missed?

New home owner here, would love some feedback on my listing. I’ve been reading the forum and trying to get as much info in as possible. But what have I missed?

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It’s advisable to state how long the animals can be left for too.
Looks a lovely area

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Thanks. I’ll add that to the main listing.

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Sounds like a lovely sit. I wish you well with your health and positive future after your cancer treatment :pray:

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Your listing has a very nice tone and vibe, good luck.

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Hi there,
I took a look for you. It looks like a nice sit! However, I would suggest the following:

1: ramp up your intro a little to make it sound like an exciting advert. E.g, you could begin with: “Seeking the serenity of beautiful Pembrokeshire? Want to see castles, picturesque beaches and historical sites? Do you love small dogs? Then this is the sit for you!” (and then continue with your intro).

2: Add a bit more in the home and location describing the home and what amenities the sitter will have - e.g: streaming services, WiFi, describe the living space a bit more and what it offers. Is there perhaps an office space for people who work from home? I would also add how far you are from amities - are they in walkable distance, and if not how far is it to drive? Also is it possible to offer your car to a sitter, or do they need their own car?

3: In your responsibilities section, I would mention if the dogs can ride in the car with a sitter to explore places, as 4 hrs isn’t very long for a sitter to leave the house and have free time (for many sitters that would be a turn-off, as it’s quite time limiting).

Also, is having 3 dogs sleep in the room with a sitter absolutely necessary? This might be okay for some people, but for others (and that’s many sitters on THS!) who really value their sleep, that would be an automatic no. Can the dogs not sleep anywhere else?? If not, be very clear about their sleep habits and if they make noise during the night.

Overall though you appear friendly and welcoming, and your home looks very nice! If you want any further tips, you might want to check out this blog I inspired for THS about mistakes to avoid when creating a listing.

Hope that helps! :blush:


This is great. Thank you. I’ll update.

No worries, happy to help :blush::+1: