Feedback on listing please

Hello - newbie here! Please could you give me some feedback on my listing? I’ve had no response at all to my first listing so maybe I’ve messed up somehow? Hopefully I’ve pasted the link above…
Thanks so much!

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Yes, I can see the link. Very well done, it is not easy!

I would choose a different first picture: the one with the view from the window over the countryside. It would then be attractive to mention “labradoodles” in the title.

In the app, in the map search view for sitters, only about the first five words of the title are shown.


Thank you! I’ll do as you suggest :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, took a look for you!
You have a nice & well-rounded profile, there’s not that much to improve on. The only things I would suggest is to, as already stated, change the profile picture to something more interesting. Perhaps also tell sitters straight away in your intro why they should choose you, so they immediately know what they can expect to gain from this sit. For example "Do you want to explore lovely Tiverton, its nearby beaches and the Jurassic coast? Do you love dogs? Then this is the sit for you! Hi I’m (name), and my two labradoodles need somebody to love and care for them while I’m away (etc).

Hope that helps!


I agree with changing the first photo. Make it one of your gorgeous 2 dogs.

Two photos of the dogs is enough, and delete the ones with the black dog because it could confuse people into thinking there are 3 dogs.

Add info on how long the dogs can be left alone. How long do the walks need to be? Specify distance or time, not just “quick walk” because that is subjective.

Change the headline to say something informative. maybe “Easy, loving, Devon doodles…” Only the first few words show on a search, so use them to sell the sit.

Good luck


Welcome @Wafflesmum you have come to the right place for advice . I think that your photos can be improved .

Add Photos of the garden area available to sitters.

Are the Photos of the bedrooms presented as they would be when sitters arrive ? You may wish to take a look a some other listings where homeowners present the guest bedrooms clear of clutter , neatly made bed , room to store clothes / hanging space guest towels and to be really welcoming a vase of flowers .

Adding a photo of the office space with the two desks ( cleared for use by the sitter … will entice sitters who work from home ( plus a screenshot of your wi-fi speed )

Also a few photos of local places to visit for those who are not familiar with the area.


Great advice @Lassie although I recommended a pic each was enough for four pets the other day for a new HO and the system made them add more for it to be accepted?! :crazy_face::flushed: #whoknowsthemagicformula

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Yes, we have to upload two pics of each pet.


Hi @Wafflesmum and welcome.
I did not read other replies.
My thoughts:

2 crazy dogs that rule the roost could be red flag language for some sitters

Can sitters bring their own pets?

Under responsibilities there is typo of “walls” instead of “walks”.

Is the sleeping dog in the bed optional?

Good to mention good health or any health issues.

One pix shows 3 dogs? Use caption to explain or crop out 3rd dog…

Show pix of the outdoor patio garden space listed in the amenities.

Good luck.

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The platform requests 2 of each pet, but the second photo could be of anything - bathroom, garden, etc.


The first photo can be anything too. Often, a pet photo does not convey that much extra information. Many cats look quite similar, so in the app I am likely to swipe past such listings when there are dozens in the region.

As a sitter, I choose on location. The view from the window gives a good and informative impression of the environment.


Out of curiosity, is there a required amount of pictures an owner must post for their listing to be accepted?


Maybe take the word “crazy” out of crazy labradoodle, replace it with fun-loving or energetic. It maybe just me but crazy kind of puts me off. :slight_smile: As a sitter I’d want to know roughly how long their regular quick walk and long walk is e.g. quick, roughly 20 to 30 minutes and long 1hr-1hr30. I’d also want to know how they are on the lead, but you can ask more questions when you talk to each other.

Also if you are near Tiverton high street maybe add how long it takes to walk there. Good luck.

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Thanks so much for your reply! I’ve done as you suggested x

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Thank you! :star_struck:

Obviously, but most people want to see at least one photo of the pet. Your disinterest in pet photos is probably unusual.

I agree with what others have said but you don’t yet appear to have amended your listing. Unfortunately the fact that one dog sleeps on your bed will put some sitters off but it’s important your say that. Don’t forget to add how long the dogs can be left once they’ve had a walk.

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Two pics for each of my senior cats:
Here is Archie sleeping.
Here is Meyer sleeping.
Here is Archie sleeping.
Here is Meyer sleeping on my face.


I have amended the listing but people are very kindly offering conflicting advice, so I’m not going to be able to follow all suggestions :blush:. I appreciate all the help though.

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Hi …

Good advice about the choice of photos. I’d remove the one that just shows the road junction, especially as it’s the first. And, as others have said, a clutter free bedroom at least is appealing to sitters, who understandably want to feel they have their own room for a week. Have a look at some other listings and think about which ones you would find appealing if you were applying as a sitter yourself.

You mention that you’re a 30 minutes drive from shopping but that your place is ‘accessible by public transport’. I’m a HO myself in a rural location and I find many applicants don’t have cars and want information about if/how they could do the sit without one.

Is there a bus or train within walkable distance that sitters can use? Or do they really need a car? If you make clear it’s the former, I think you’d widen your appeal.