Help with my profile

Hello lovely housesitters and experienced users! I’m new to this site and wondered if some of you lovely people would help with my listing?
We’re looking for a sitter in August for a couple of weeks in our house in Devon and haven’t had any applicants yet. It’s only been a week but I’m worried I’m setting the wrong tone/ missing something.
I’d love some advice from any of you who’ve done this before-
thanks in advance!

Added listing to forum profile

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Welcome @Millie12
I think your photo’s need a little reorganising can I suggest. I’d put the lovely picture of Stanley chilling on his back as your first photo, followed by a picture of each cat. Then sitters like to see kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom photos.
Lastly a couple of suggestions to add to your listing. How long a walk does Stanley take. How many times a day? You say he can get over stimulated and can be reactive to other dogs. What does this look like? Are there walks that work better for him?
Are there any shops within walking distance?

  • Your place looks nice but your photos could be better. I would have shot landscape and wide angle so that people can properly see the rooms.
  • I agree with @richten1 that the order of the rooms could also be better so that people actually get a walking tour through your house or you start with the most important rooms first (common areas)
  • Your listing doesn’t tell me things like how long it takes to get to the nearest amenities and if I have to walk half an hour to everything…it says accessible via transit, but then only mentions having to walk 30 minutes to get to town centre or hikes, which is hmmm.
  • I also think you could do more to share the amenities that your home probably has to offer…high speed internet? smart TV? fire pit? idk, just naming things. similarly, may be good to name a few more things that are draws to this area and I would potentially try to open up your introduction with a why someone should pick this sit re: you, the area and your pet. “If you’re looking for xyz, this is the sit for you!”
  • I would also format my text a bit better and create clear paragraphs or bulleted lists in your responsibilities so it’s easier for people to read.
  • your dog can be left but for how long? does he pull on the lead? How long is that morning walk?

The bus stop and local train detail is very useful as is the bike offer but I’d add a detail re the size/type of bikes (eg x1 ladies mountain x1 gents mountain).
You list a shower in the amenities but only show a bath?
I’d start with your dog photo x1 and each cat x1 to draw me in.
Your listing sounds pretty nice to me. Good luck.

Thank you, that’s really helpful. I’ll have another look at my profile over the weekend and change things up a bit.

Thank you- really good advice. I don’t think I’d realised quite how much detail I needed. It sounds like more is good! I’ll update over the weekend when I’ve got more time.

Thank you so much! Really helpful!

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You might want to check out this blog I inspired for THS about mistakes to avoid in your listing. Hope it helps!

I also gave your listing a read, and can suggest the following:

1: While Your title ‘a holiday in Devon’ is certainly positive, it doesn’t do much to really explain your sit. Try hooking readers straight away with exactly what’s on offer (e.g: discover Devon: beaches, art, culture and more!)

2: Change your listing’s profile picture to something that supports your title. E.g a beach near you. Your current profile picture is your lounge room, which does nothing to compel sitters to click your listing. You also have some random images of strange angles in your home, such as the stairs and the bathroom sink, and some repetitive images of your cat. I would remove these.

3: Your into reads like an autobiography rather than giving compelling reasons why a sitter should choose you. Remember this is an advert, so you really need to sell yourself.

4: Home and location section is lovely, but definitely add more details about the house. Where are sitters sleeping? Are streaming services available? Can you describe your home more?

5: lovely responsibilities section, just add how long the dog can be left, how long walks are and what the pets feeding routine is. Sitters often look for these specific details.

Overall, you come across as a very friendly, reliable and welcoming owner - seems like a lovely sit and I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you so much- You’ve really given me food for thought. There are loads more reasons we love living where we do, I just need to add them in! I’m also very inspired by how nice and helpful everyone has been on here, so thanks!