Feeling disheartened /anxious , keep missing sits and/or getting rejected

I can understand how you and your family must be very disheartened but you’ve obviously been writing good applications as you’ve got 20 sits under your belt.
What does come across to me is that you’ve had to cancel a few sits because life got in the way. Is there anything in your profile or reviews that hints about those cancellations that might put owners off? We are only supposed to cancel confirmed sits if an emergency arises, so I’m wondering why you had to cancel.
Certainly since the 5 application rule came into being sitters have been finding it harder to get sits as they may have missed out. I also think it’s become harder since the pandemic.
Do you have good reviews? Have you also got some references?
You might like to link your profile to your forum listing so that members can give you some tips if it needs improving. Here’s how to do that: