Finding more sitters for two week stays

Hi I’m quite an elderly(70) newbie to the site and forum, I’m reaching out to the TrustedHousesitters Forum for some advice. I might be asking to much , I’ve been looking for three different sits this year. I have found two , one in June for two weeks, the other in October for four week.

Try as I may I can’t find anyone for 25th April - 9th May. I have changed the dates from March as I thought it might be too early and too cold in Dorking, Surrey for people to walk my dogs, but moving the dates has still not found anyone.

Can any of you kind people give me some clues as to what I need to do! Because if I can’t get a sitter for April/May, I won’t be able to get out to our apartment in Cyprus to decorate, and if we don’t decorate it will not be ready for our nephews wedding in June.

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I believe from the conversations here on the forum, a 2 week sit is very desirable. Perhaps if you add to the description that the dates are flexible and ‘open to discussion’ you’ll begin to open up a dialogue with potential sitters, for the time frame you are seeking. Best of luck!


Hello @Niveacream. Let me start by saying many of us on this forum do not consider 70 to be elderly :wink: Also, when you have time, we’d love you to visit the Fascinating Usernames and share your story.

Please keep in mind that readers of this forum are from all over the world. I would suggest you edit this forum post (click on the pencil below your post) and add in your country/city/town and the dates that you’re looking for sitters. That way anyone reading the forum can have a better idea of whether they can be of help.

It also allows them to find your listing on the THS website. Many forum members, after viewing your listing, will give suggestions on how they think your listing might be improved.

I hope all goes well for you, and that you get to enjoy a beautiful wedding in Cyprus.


My frustration is that when I’m applying for a longer sit set out in the future, and the owner has had many applicants but hasn’t chosen someone, I either rescind my availability because I took another sit OR I didn’t keep track of what I applied for and it was so long ago that I made other non-TH plans that would prevent me from doing the sit I applied for.

Where are you @Niveacream? Maybe one of us can help?




Thanks for your input. We are in beautiful Dorking, Surrey. Only 45min by train into London.

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ALAS, I’m in the US, and not able to go overseas, I hope you do find someone soon!

I’m in Tennessee to be precise, tho I do accept sits over quite a few states like AL/IL/KY/GA I’d certainly enjoy doing a longer sit somewhere, to make it worth the drive. Hoping to go back “home” to California over the next year for a few sits… wish me luck!


My mum (96) says you’re not old until you are 100! So 70 is definitely not old or elderly!

Wish we could help, as who could resist dogs named Gin(ney) and Tonic and Rosie!

Have you tried reaching out to sitters living locally?


I agree with your mum

I have looked after 2 dogs in Dorking a few years ago. I have not seen your listing but have you mentioned the fabulous walks around you? Also, there are some great country pubs that do delicious meals, all of them dog friendly. Can you take your dogs to the pub? Its always a bonus to me. You live in such a lovely area so I do hope that you find someone suitable.
(We have another sitting those dates so are not available)

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Take Gin(ney) and Tonic to the pub for a Gin & Tonic :rofl:


Hi @Niveacream, Currently, I am based in Texas, U.S.A. I could do your sit anytime from April 1st to April 25th, if your dates are flexible. I have a confirmed April 26th for a sit in Fulbourn. Let me know soon if you are willing to work with me. Cheers Eva