First long term sit request, advice needed

Hello there,
We have been using TH for sitters for shorter sits and are now searching for our first long term sitter (5 weeks). I have had a few people reach out but none that seem truly interested. Are there different items I should include on the post than I have in the past? I have the time frame listed and assumed I would talk over specifics like lawn care when we visit with a potential sitter.

Any feedback is appreciated!

I looked at your listing and Thor is gorgeous! Your house looks very nice, but I would include the size of the bed the sitter(s) will be using. From your photo, it’s hard to tell. I would definitely discuss yardcare and other duties ahead of time (or at least mention that some may be required). Watering plants is much different from mowing a lawn weekly and pulling weeds. Maybe also mention if your house is set up for someone that works from home, since this is a longer sit. Can the sitters use your monitor/printer if needed? And if you are open to it (and no other options present themselves) maybe say that you are willing to split the sit between multiple sitters. It isn’t ideal, but it does open things up a bit if a sitter can only do a few weeks, and you are then able to look for a different sitter for the other half.


Thank you @Harris2 . I wondered about splitting it up but wasn’t sure how the hand off would go since we’ll be out of the country. I will certainly include that as well as the work from home situation, bed size and yard work.

Thanks again!

Hi @LauraBBrady. Wonderful home you have. @Harris2 has given you some wonderful tips already but I had 2 thoughts. Can any sitter use your garage for their car during a sit? And the other suggestion is to state that your internet works great for video calls etc, if it does! As there are many remote workers on THS.

Welcome back @LauraBBrady…it’s great to hear from you again!

Thor is such a handsome young man and I really don’t think you will have any trouble finding someone interested in sitting for the duration you are requesting. Austin is a very desirable area with much to see and do, so I wouldn’t fret too much.

I have just a couple of suggestions that might help in getting those much needed applications (I see you already have one app). I would say:

  1. Can you advise the size of bed the sitter would be sleeping on.
  2. Is this possibly a good sit for a family since the timeframe is typically summer break for kids (and if suitable, maybe advise if another bed is available).
  3. Since there is no access to public transit, can you advise potential sitters of distance to stores, restaurants, etc.
  4. Is there adequate space/accommodations for digital nomad work (desk, peripherals, etc.)?
  5. Can you advise if Thor is good at home alone, and if so, for how long during the day?

These are just a few questions I would be asking as a potential sitter and I am sure our other members have more advice but I really don’t think you are going to have any problems.

Good Luck!


I suggest using a photo of Thor as the primary photo. I like the one of him with the person, since it shows his size. Another option might be the neighborhood pool. This might entice sitters to visit Texas an summer (I’m a Dallasite, so I know!). Also, it’s not immediately clear that you are showing an above-ground pool in the photo. Maybe a different angle would be clearer to people unfamiliar with those pools.

Agree with stating how long Thor can be left alone in the house. Most people wouldn’t want to leave him outside in Texas heat.

Many sitters want long sits, so hopefully you won’t need to split the sit. I’ve had a few sitters in Dallas for 4-6 week sits.

Does the neighborhood have other facilities in addition to the pool - clubhouse, tennis courts, etc?

I’d change the headline to get attention. maybe “Pool, cuddly Great Dane, family friendly…”

You can add more amenities to your listing now. There have been changes to the listing format recently.

Any chance you can offer a car?

Good luck.

Hi. The handoff could be a bit more complicated, I think. We’re on a split sit right now (we are the 2nd half) but we were in the area in advance and had the opportunity to meet the owners, the pets and the first set of sitters before it all started. You could have the sitters exchange contact info, set a date/time for the handoff and also set expectations for both (clean house/linens etc. for everyone. If you end up doing that, I would definitely try to have a local contact person in case of an emergency. And also a very detailed welcome guide with info about vet/plumber/electrician/where modem/electric panel/water shutoff/fire extinguisher etc. are.
As someone else already mentioned, maybe try posting a pic of the community pool? In the summer, that is a huge selling point.