Partial sits? New to THS

New to the site and getting a bit concerned about the approaching dates and lack of interest. The only application after two weeks was for a small portion of the time requested. Cobbling together multiple sitters sounds complex and not ideal, but is this more normal when there are so few people interested? Should my expectations be lower for the full time — which is admittedly long. Constructive comments on the listing welcomed :slight_smile:

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Welcome @AnnaALVT

Split sits can have problems it’s been discussed on a previous thread Splitting a sit to find someone

I’ve had a look at your listing

Your homes looks lovely - and I don’t think two weeks is too long for a stay .

It does mention 5 walks per day -is that correct ? It also mentions picking up the mail -
What does that entail?

Thanks for taking a look and pointing those things out. I would say while we have five windows we might take him out, he doesn’t need to go that often for sure. He’s a big boy, healthy, and can wait a very long time if needed. The mail is at the end of our road about a mile away in a row of mailboxes that gets very little mail…so once a week as you drive by would be enough. Will work to clarify!

I also note that it’s not accessible by public transport and if a car is needed to pick up the mail - are you able to offer the sitter use of your car ? That will make it a more attractive sit and widen the scope to international sitters or sitters from other states.

Unfortunately we don’t have a second car and we are about an hour and a half from the airport we fly out of (Hartford) which I will need to drive myself to. If it is just the mail, can always place a hold, but if they didn’t have a car for groceries, it probably would not work. I can definitely see how this limits interest :frowning:

You could perhaps offer the sitter your car in exchange for them taking you to the airport and picking you up .

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Ok! That’s an interesting option. Will have to think through logistics of this with extra nights here together I would think. And thank you for the link to the earlier split discussion. Good to know some of the extra precautions that might be required besides the complexity of it all!

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@AnnaALVT you could also search for a local sitter and send a direct invitation to them - especially if they are new and looking for their first THS sit - then you could arrange to meet them in person before the trip .

Our first few sits were local and the homeowners were also new to THS - we were able to visit before the sit which gave both parties reassurances as neither of us had reviews /feedback on THS.

Yes I started doing this yesterday. Seems many have plans already for holidays. I didn’t realize calendars weren’t kept up to date, but will keep trying!

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