First time HO accidentally cancelled sit before choosing me

Hi @sledgejoyce and thanks @Snowbird I will email you directly from membership services to help you solve the issue. Kind regards Therese


Hi, the HO and I ( we agreed on a sit last week), both need to cancel the sit. It’s by completely mutual agreement and with no blame or ill will attached to either of us.
Can someone please respond to this with a quick ‘How to …’?
Thank you!!

The HO should go to their dashboard, next open the sit page, next to dates there will be an Unconfirm Sit link. Clicking on that will cancel the sit.

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I think that once the HO does that, it will appear in your dashboard as Application Pending. You then have to remove your dates in the same way.

Thank you @anon36831737 @BunnyCat & @Itchyfeet@LTD there is a FAQ Help Centre on the website where you’ll find the answers to most member questions

Hello, I had a scheduled sit cancel due to HO last minute illness. How do I remove the sit from my profile?

I believe the HO has to cancel the sit to remove it.


Hi @Patforcier and thank you @Kelownagurl I will tag @Therese-Moderator who can help with this when she is back online

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Hi @Patforcier - I will email you directly from membership services for more detail.
Kind regards


Unfortunately, I just had a sitter cancel on me. Sitter says that she had a very bad sit very recently and she is now canceling her TH membership. It wasn’t mutual, but what can I do? I unconfirmed the sit and reposted the dates. Since my sit was at the end of July, I’m hopeful that I can get someone soon. I’m just worried as it seems there are more sits than sitters.

I boosted my dates, but would love it if someone from Member Services could advertise my sit on social media as well please.

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HI @Catin88 I’m sorry to hear that your sitter cancelled and we can share your listing on our Social Channels, as you say your sit is quite some way off, NY is a very popular location and your little ones are adorable … will get this up for you.


A sitter cannot unconfirm. The owner has that power solely.

I wonder why sitters can’t initiate the unconfirming/canceling of a sit?

I would guess because it’s so important that the home owner be aware of the cancellation. If a sitter was able to just go online and cancel, there’s a chance the home owner might miss the notification and be totally unaware.

If a sitter must cancel, they contact the home owner and let them know, and the home owner cancels the sit and reposts the dates. That’s just the way it works. :woman_shrugging:

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Remind me please now to boost a sit. I’ve had a cancellation and now have no sitters available for an upcoming vacation in less than 2 weeks. Perhaps it could be added to the social media as some of the other members have mentioned, also. Thank you!

Hi @SunshineNCoastlines I checked your listing and the dates are boosted, perhaps you did this after posting your question?

We can share your listing on Social Media which will increase the visibility also one thing some owners have found is if they reduce the number of visible dates on their engagement seems to improve, there is no hard data on this just anecdotal feedback.

Please Direct Message me with your request to share on Social.